Love Your Living Room: How to Take Advantage of a Big Space

Not all of us are lucky to have rooms large enough for a BALL – but if you do, you should fallin love with it. Work and arrange things out the right way – your large space would turn into a cosy den of love in no time.


1. A warm colour palette should be chosen – Warm colours bring about a cosy feeling and the intimacy of the room grows around it.

2. A quiet spot should be created – Furniture in the room should be arranged in such a way that it doesn’t cluster and look highly-uniformed. Play around and make it a little haphazard in one corner, while the other part can be the elegant look that stays quiet.

3. Make the ceiling a little livelier than the usual- plaster designs, decor home accents for the ceiling, quirky fans and more!

4. Bring in the workspace – There are pros and cons to this one, but ensure that the workspace is small and compact- shouldn’t overwhelm the space available around

5. Task lighting – Helps with a well-balanced mise-en-scene and gives you more access to a large room as well. This brings all the lighting you need, hanging and ceiling lights help with the job too.

6. Rugs – A myriad of rugs, chosen well can help define your living space. Decor a few zones and leave the rest; neutral tones and shades only should be used.

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