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Urban Wardrobes is a London-based manufacturer of sliding wardrobes, walk-in closets and bespoke storage solutions. Our main priority is providing customers with luxury-fitted furniture while maintaining the budget.

You will find lots of real projects of built-in wardrobes on our website; all of them have been designed and produced in close cooperation with customers or their designers. We look forward to working on your project and making your ideas come true.

The best way to start your project is to send all relevant information to our email for a free estimate or to pop into our showroom and speak with one of our advisors. Please call us anytime during working hours to learn more about our fitted wardrobes.

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Why Choose Urban Wardrobes

With so many customers on the market for fitted bedrooms & kitchens at the moment it’s tough to choose the right one. Check below what makes us different.

We have an in-house team of experienced designers, engineers and craftsmen who effectively deliver even the most complex fitted wardrobes. From the contemporary walk-in wardrobe, bespoke sliding wardrobe, or custom-made kitchen, we can design any furniture piece that will be perfectly tailored to your space.

 We celebrate creativity and design experiments. Our main passion is to collaborate with open-minded people. Our mission is to bring harmony to your house.

We offer a straightforward quotation process without the ‘discount smoke and mirror strategy’. We never “beat other quotes” simply because others don’t provide the same quality and service.
We produce custom fitted wardrobes in both modern and traditional shaker styles. We use sprayed and veneered finishes for the doors with classic or integrated handles. Visit our showroom to see all our wardrobes design ranges and discuss your project in greater depth.
Tailor Made Built in Cupboards

Fitted wardrobes in London, made-to-measure cupboards, built custom made cabinets

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The main benefit of having a tailor-made wardrobe in your bedroom is the ability to utilise the space required for your belongings fully. Urban Wardrobes offers luxury wardrobes fitted to absolute perfection.

Wardrobe storage is crucial, especially for smaller flats & houses. Our three-stage process usually starts with the measurements visit and preparing the design for your fitted wardrobes. Our experienced fitters will take care of the installation during the last step.

Our bespoke wardrobes are custom built, and we also offer manufacturing of such units as kitchens, dressing rooms & walk-in closets, bookcases, libraries, both sliding and hinged wardrobes, TV units, alcove cupboards, sloping ceiling cabinets etc.

Built-in storage solutions became very popular in the UK as more and more people prefer to live in cosy and minimalistic interiors and started decluttering & organising their bedrooms.

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    Made to Measure Wardrobes near me

    Customisable built-in cupboards, custom built designer furniture

    Adding a fitted wardrobe to your property can be a game changer. The first and most crucial advantage is your satisfaction. Made-to-measure cabinets allow you to work with the most challenging spaces and create the most efficient interior designs.

    Secondly, custom-built wardrobes allow you to customise the internal carcass and the closet’s exterior how you want it. At the same time, you can choose the paint colour for the cabinet cover and decide whether you would like to give a woodgrain texture or plain. You can also choose between matt and high gloss finishes for the facades.

    We genuinely believe that “keeping your wardrobe tidy” is as important as “making your bed to perfection each morning”. Urban Wardrobes is a UK manufacturer of tailor-made wardrobes with our production facilities located in London, UK.

    At Urban Wardrobes, we prioritize quality above all else. We source premium materials and employ rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure that your fitted wardrobe not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time. Our commitment to excellence guarantees durability and longevity. 

    With Urban Wardrobes, you get first-class service and assistance. We guarantee customer satisfaction and make sure our collaboration is always smooth and stress-free. 

    Last but not least, by investing in fitted wardrobes, you can elevate your living experience and also boost the value of your property. Your potential buyers will appreciate the convenience and elegance our bespoke fitted wardrobes bring.


    Fitted Cupboards Questions

    The short answer is YES. The main benefit of built-in wardrobes is that they can be customised based on your inspiration and perfectly fit the exact measurements of your bedroom, living room or home office.
    If compared to freestanding furniture – yes, they are. The main reason is that the custom-built closets are created entirely from scratch, based on the precise size of your room and the materials you choose, which makes this process more time-consuming. As a result, the cost of made-to-measure cupboards is more expensive than makers of ready-made furniture.  
    It is possible, and thousands of DIY videos are available on Youtube. Our company offers a hassle-free experience which usually starts with “Online Enquiry”. Once the designs are approved, and your order is confirmed, we will provide an installation date for your fitted wardrobes. After this, our installers will fit your new furniture into your space.  
    While most people buy bespoke cupboards to maximise the storage space in their room, the fitted wardrobe will add value to you properly, especially if it’s ordered from a trusted UK company.
    To answer this question, we need to understand your space’s measurements and what exterior finish you are up to. You can send all the information through the contact form, and we will get back to you with an estimated cost of your fitted wardrobes.
    On average, the production time will take around six weeks. However, depending on the size of the fitted wardrobes, some projects may require slightly more or less time. Please note that we will need extra time to measure all the spaces properly and provide you with design drawings.
    Urban Wardrobes specializes in crafting bespoke fitted wardrobes designed to fit your unique needs and space requirements. Our team of skilled craftsmen ensures a flawless fit that maximizes your storage potential while complementing your style. We understand that your wardrobe is an expression of your personal taste, so we make sure that function meets fashion: our wardrobes seamlessly blend functionality with exquisite style. Whether you need extra hanging space, shoe racks, or specialized compartments, we can fit it all. In our fitted wardrobes, we balance out all the elements to give you more storage and enhance the aesthetics of your space.
    With fitted wardrobes, you become the master of customization. Whether you have an abundance of clothing, shoe collections that rival Imelda Marcos, or a love for accessories, our wardrobes can accommodate your unique requirements. From adjustable shelves to dedicated compartments for ties, belts, and jewellery — you can add and remove elements to create fitted wardrobes that will be truly yours.
    First step is to measure the space precisely and prepare design drawings based on the measurements taken by our engineer. Once the production drawings are confirmed we will manufacture your order and will deliver it to your place. Installation for one standard size wardrobe usually takes one day. For more complicated spaces like loft or understairs it might take a bit longer.
    Absolutely! Getting fitted wardrobes for your house will improve both your interiors and lifestyle. Inbuilt and fully customised cupboard storage will bring a touch of luxury to your home while maximizing functionality. Fitted wardrobes are custom-designed to fit seamlessly into your room, utilising every centimetre of space efficiently. With Urban Wardrobes, you will get fully customised storage solutions with built-in shelves, drawers, and hanging space, fitted wardrobes. No more rummaging through overstuffed closets — you will have your belongings neatly organised in our fitted wardrobes.
    Space & value

    Fitted Wardrobes vs Freestanding Wardrobes

    Fitted wardrobes are made-to-measure furniture pieces that you simply cannot buy in a store. It is because every inch is literally tailored to your needs. We create custom-built wardrobes that perfectly fit into your space and keep your belongings efficiently organised. With Urban Wardrobes, you will never have those awkward wasted spaces between walls and furniture. We seamlessly blend our fitted wardrobes with your interior to transform even the tiniest corners into useful storage areas. Our mission is to create custom-built fitted wardrobes that juxtapose function with style.

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    fitted wardrobes for sloping ceilings sloping ceiling fitted wardrobe London
    Custom Bedroom Wardrobes near me

    Customisable built-in bedroom furniture, bespoke fitted bedroom furniture

    The bedroom is a sanctuary space where you want elegant furniture without compromising storage. Specialists at Urban Wardrobes know how to create bedroom furniture that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing for our customers. We specialise in crafting bespoke fitted bedrooms of various styles and modifications.

    We’ve been making first-class bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes for over 12 years. At Urban Wardrobes, we have an in-house team of designers, engineers, and fitters who will design and create outstanding fitted furniture tailored exactly to the measurements of your room. On top of that, we use premium finishes and top-quality ironmongery to make sure your built-in bedroom furniture will serve you for years to come. We bring all our knowledge and experience to create custom bedrooms and wardrobes that combine style with functionality.

    When ordering fitted bedroom furniture from us, you get endless customisation options. You can choose the modification of cabinets, add and remove drawers and shelves, add built-in lighting, and so on. We also offer a selection of materials, finishes, and hardware, so that you can create your own unique wardrobe for you and your family.


    Fitted Bedroom Furniture Questions

    When buying ready-made furniture, you always get a standardised piece that is produced in volumes. This specific item may not meet your needs in terms of style, size, or quality, and you will likely buy a new one in a year or two.

    Ordering bespoke fitted bedrooms and wardrobes from us, you get a personalised approach to the design and top-quality wardrobes with everything you need: cabinets with hanging rails, drawers, shelves, mirrors, etc. No less important, on the market, you won’t be able to find perfectly fitted furniture for awkward spaces such as sloping ceilings or alcoves. We will create custom built-in bedroom furniture that will fit perfectly into your room without gaps

    We offer a wide range of designs for bedroom wardrobes – from minimalist Scandinavian to classic Shaker style. Feel free to visit our Ranges page to choose any finishing you like. You can also send us your design sketches or references you found online. With our team of designers, we will find a way to create built-in bedroom furniture precisely to your liking.
    You can send us additional information about your project via Whatsapp or Email and we will provide you with an estimated price for your fitted bedroom furniture project. Please attach photos of your space and design references. After we receive your request, our manager will contact you and assist you with how we can create a design for fitted furniture in your specific case.
    The cost directly depends on the size of the fitted bedroom wardrobes and finishes. Every project is unique, so we calculate the cost individually. Project prices start at £3000 + VAT (installation included).
    Yes, we can provide you with a remote estimate for your project. In order to calculate the cost of your bedroom fitted wardrobes, we need you to provide us with the following information:
        1. Your postcode.
        2. Photos of your room where you plan to install fitted furniture.
        3. Rough measurements of the space (height, width, length).
        4. Selected design range.

    Getting a remote estimate can help you save time and money and accelerate the project even more.

    The average bedroom furniture project can take around 6-8 weeks. Contact our managers for precise timing for your project.
    We do offer a warranty for our bespoke fitted bedrooms. Our structural warranty is 15 years. Ironmongery warranty (hinges, drawer runners, handles, etc.) is between 3 and 5 years. 
    Visit our Projects page to see some of our featured bedrooms. You will find bedroom wardrobes of different styles and sizes. If you need overbed fitted furniture, we also work with this type of wardrobes and cupboards – you can pop into our showroom and discuss your project in greater depth with one of our sales representatives. We also featured the bedrooms we made on our social media.
    Customised Cupboards Makers

    Transform your space with fitted bedroom furniture made in London

    Check our projects

    Your bedroom is your little paradise where you can finally relax after a hard day. But if your bedroom wardrobes are messy and overflowing with stuff, it can distort harmony and cause unnecessary stress. To avoid clutter, you need fitted bedroom wardrobes where all your clothes and shoes are organised and hidden away.

    One of the biggest pros of fitted bedrooms is the ability to efficiently maximise your space and keep all your belongings neatly stored away. Our floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes and storage furniture can be tailored to your exact requirements, optimising the use of every square foot of your space.

    You can have dedicated compartments for clothing, shoes, accessories, and even hidden storage space for seasonal items.

    With everything in its designated place, you’ll enjoy a tidier and more tranquil bedroom environment.

    The fact that you invest in fitted bedroom storage shows great attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Should you decide to sell your home in the future, beautifully fitted bedroom wardrobes can become a major selling point and increase your property’s overall market value.

    When it comes to raising the value of your house, a properly designed and well-installed fitted bedroom works wonders. Potential buyers are often impressed by the added luxury and practicality of fitted bedrooms. Aesthetically pleasing and functional, they make a significant impact during property evaluations.

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