Modern and Classic fitted grey wardrobes

Light & Dark grey bedroom wardrobes for large & small rooms

Project details

Location Nationwide
Space Bedrooms, Living room
Finish Spray painted MDF, Lacquered veneer
Price From £3,000+VAT per project incl. installation

Grey is considered a very versatile and adaptable colour. It is a neutral hue that can be quite sophisticated and reserved. This probably explains why grey wardrobes are becoming a popular alternative to white wardrobes. They can help interiors look less stark and clinical and work so well with other colour schemes. Grey is still very much on-trend.

Just remember there are so many different shades of grey. Apparently, the human eye can distinguish between 500 shades of grey which is quite incredible. It all adds to the adaptability of this amazing colour.

Grey can be considered a moody or dramatic colour. It can add warmth to rooms or make them appear cooler. You can even use the shade of grey to change the depth or focus of a room. This means going grey gives you plenty to think about.

Dark grey wardrobes can make a room feel cosy and become more of a feature as the eyes are drawn to it. These wardrobes could be complimented with mustard or teal blue colour tones. Those colours really stand out against a dark grey background. Darker grey interiors are considered more masculine and industrial. Whereas a light grey wardrobe can be more feminine, especially if it is teamed it up with pale pink shades. Barely grey wardrobes can really help rooms stay airy and spacious.

You can choose a gray wardrobe in a lighter colour and then have darker grey walls for a successful two-tone effect. This will also stop one shade from dominating the room. It’s important in interiors to get that balance right. You can do this with texture or adding metal or natural wood elements. Opt for silver with lighter greys and brass for darker grey. We can make a large grey wardrobe or a small grey wardrobe depending on your requirements and room size.

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