Lacquered Shaker Style Fitted Wardrobe, Richmond

Classic design shaker style lacquered built in wardrobe, 3m high ceilings

Project details

Location Richmond, London
Space Master Bedroom
Finish Lacquered MDF RAL 0008500 Shadow White
Price £5,300+VAT incl. installation

Hinged wardrobes too can be introduced in big restaurants for commercial purposes. This is a good thing to introduce to clients coming in and out of these premises this also will serve those who are coming for their holidays much better.

You will find that these items are highly used simply because they serve a long time. Their durability is also another fact that speaks so much for them. A wardrobe is a french word called “armoire“ which means a closet used for storing clothes. The fast wardrobe was a chest which was one of the oldest form of furniture used for storage. They are part of a furniture in a hinged wardrobe online or you can go physically to purchase it in a shop. A hinge wardrobe is the one which can open or close just like you do when open a door and close a door.

There are many types of hinged wardrobes. You can find them in many people’s homes at Richmond mostly they are used normally in bedrooms or in the rooms you sleep in, inside it you can find drawers with lockers which you need keys to open or close them but also the entire hinged door can have a locker. In the drawers you can store small things like pens, shorts, trousers, important files, medicines etc in the wardrobe there may be one large space inside with a place of hanging clothes and for keeping your shoes. This Richmond area wardrobe is the perfect for those who want to use it all the time.

We take a look at the difference present between hinged wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes. In the world of wardrobes it does not matter if it is sliding or hinged built in, most of the times they are usually from one wall to another. The two wardrobes are made without having any back or sides so that you can use all the spaces provided. But there are people who want them having the back and sides they are also catered for when they purchase them.

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