Why we don’t offer sketches made by pencil

It’s a quite common situation when during the design visit our designer is not able to offer the most appropriate solution for your fitted furniture. Especially when it’s an awkward space. To provide you with technically correct solution we might need to take the measurements of the space, submit the figures to our software and spend some time trying to fine the best option for the customer.

Designers from other companies offer some sketches made by hand and they do that to be able to close the deal as fast as possible and sell you the solution straight during the visit. They don’t really care whether the solution they’ve offered will work for you or not – their main priority is to get your first deposit and signed contract. As a result there so many companies nowadays that have reviews similar to this:

If you check Trustpilot or similar websites you will find a lot of reviews from people who basically bought one solution and in reality something else was produced and installed for them. Here at UWB your design will be produced in two steps:

1) We will organise a design visit for you. During the design visit you will be able to discuss the project in greater depth with one of our consultants. You will not be asked to make a decision straight forward, you will not be offered a 50% discount. At first stage all we ask for is to tell us your requirements and what exactly you are keen to have in your house.

2) All detailed information including the pictures made at your house and detailed measurements of the spaces will be passed to our professional designer who will prepare the 3D designs for you and only based on your requirements.

As a result of the design visit you will get a 3D visualisation of the solution you are looking for. And if we didn’t manage to consider all your requirements you can always let us know that and we will amend the drawings accordingly.

Remember, there are two reasons why the company doesn’t want to provide you with 3D drawings and offering a sketch made by pencil:

    1. The company is relatively small and they don’t have professional designs and/or CAD software. Both solutions are quite expensive.
    1. The strategy of the company is to offer you a massive discount (usually between 30%-50%) and convince you to sign the contract during the design visit.

Despite the fact there are some talented designers over there who can provide you with a technically correct solution within a couple of minutes, we recommend to be very careful with this and ask companies to provide you with more detailed drawings which are based on exact measurements of the spaces and which include all your requirements (shape & finish of the doors, paint colour, handles etc.).

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