How to fit sliding wardrobe doors

Urban Wardrobes can produce perfectly fitted sliding doors for your existing wardrobe within 1 week, we will also deliver them to your house and will install them as well, however some people prefer to save their money and not to pay for installation. This is the guide for those people.

Fitting a sliding wardrobe door is not as daunting as it sounds, especially for someone who has a sound knowledge of handling a measuring tape, a saw and a screw driver. Since a sliding door generally comes with the running equipment, it is all about making the top and bottom grooves fit so that the door can be positioned appropriately.


1. It is very important that you take a proper measurement of your available space. Otherwise you will end up buying a sliding wardrobe door that might be greater or less than the size you require. Take the correct measurement of the top, midsection and bottom widths and calculate the average width. Measure all the way up to the ceiling from the floor with a meter’s gap in between. Mention these measurements when you are purchasing the door. These figures are all the more important if you intend to put strike plates and other kinds of wall and floor frameworks. 

2. When your purchase your wardrobe doors they are most likely to be installed with the running equipment. It should have an upper and lower track. Your first task will be to put the upper track into the ceiling space. Usually a wardrobe does not get any deeper than 640mm into the ridge, although you are allowed to customize its depth and fitting. Gauge the necessary depth and make a mark on the upper track where you will need to make the cut. Bore a hole into the upper track a hundred meter from either end with a gap of about 500mm in between. Now screw it into the ceiling area.

3. The next step is to install the lower track. Simply repeat the same as above in terms of measurements, cuts and other adjustments. However, do not install it in the base ridge just yet. 

4. You are now required to place one of the two sliding doors cautiously so the upper track fits the ceiling and the lower track slides into the bottom ridge appositely. Keep trying to adjust the door with a spirit level until you feel it is vertical and comfortably snug in its place. The rule of the thumb says that the lower track should be positioned ideally a little more than 25mm from the upper side. Nonetheless, these sliding wardrobe systems tend to vary from one manufacturer to another and thus it is always important to check firsthand and not simply resort to the textbook. You will now be able to fit the entire door where it should be 

5. Use the adjusting screw to ensure the smooth running of the doors on the bottom wheels. Your sliding wardrobe doors are now ready for use. 


1. Never try to tighten the screws too hard. It may bend the tracks and render them dysfunctional.

2. While you are using a saw make sure you put a block on either side of the upper track to avoid any damage to the door.

3. Apply some silicon spray material on the lower track to ensure its smooth running.

If you don’t want to spend your time we can fit our sliding doors for you.

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