Minimalistic fitted joinery in Westminster, built in wardrobes

Combination of veneered & sprayed exteriors in amazing minimalist union

Project details

Location Westminster, London
Space Bedrooms, Living room, Bathroom
Finish Sprayed doors with routered handles in bedrooms, real wood veneer living room bookcase & bathroom
Price £15,000+VAT incl. installation

On this project we’ve worked with our fellow designer and the flat is located in the heart of the Westminster. The customer wanted to keep it minimalistic preferred to use eco friendly materials. Minimalism helps create a calm environment to live in. We have helped with that vision by building adequate storage to keep this flat clutter free. It is important to make your space work for you. With floor to ceiling bespoke furniture custom made for your home, you get so much more storage space than standard furniture.

Each room has plenty natural light and ample open floor space. The white walls and clean lines of the furniture are all about simplicity. Handleless doors are less distracting on the eye and in keeping with the clean streamlined vision for this flat. They also help with the flow between the open plan kitchen and living room space, helping them work together cohesively. The client has not gone overboard on items on display (a few plants, a bowl of fruit and some books). With minimalism interiors it is important to think carefully about the accessories that visually draw the eye. They have mastered the balance just right here.

There is a danger with minimalism as rooms can look quite stark and unlived in. But having warmer coloured flooring and furniture stops that from happening here. Plus, the chosen accessories still give the rooms a welcoming feel. Adding plants to a home is always a good idea as they have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve air quality. Plants also bring an element of the outdoors in which works well in this flat with the view from the windows. Being eco friendly is becoming more important for our customers so we are always happy to find more sustainable material choices to achieve that. We can find materials that do not have toxic chemicals used in production, all to help you reduce your impact on the environment. There is also the added benefit that green furniture is very safe and non-toxic.

built in wardrobes
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