Slat Wall Panels for Interior Projects

Bespoke slat panels for walls and wardrobe doors from top-quality wood are tailored to fit your room perfectly.

Project details

Location We cover London fully and most locations within 2-3 hours drive.
Space For bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms. We have no height limitations. All our furniture is fully bespoke and made to measure.
Finish Oak slat panel, Walnut slat panel, real wood veneer
Price From £150 + VAT per square meter

Slat wall panels don’t just make an aesthetic addition to your home but can transform a space – whether as an accent wall or for a fitted wardrobe. Created from slats of high-quality real wood veneer fixed together, they fit seamlessly into any space once cut to size. Simplistic and yet detailed – as in the beautiful grain of the wood – they are perfect for a tasteful bedroom makeover.

We don’t just sell these stunning pieces of modern wood; we also measure and fit them to your specifications. Tell us how big and what functionality you want, and we’ll set to work creating your vision. Each of our wardrobe doors slides effortlessly along the tracks, and the slatted texture provides an easy grip with which to open the wardrobe – it’s elegant and functional.

Indeed, everything we create is 100% bespoke, made according to the customer’s precise measurements. That way, we know that our wood slat wall panels and wardrobe doors will fit correctly. We can also stain the panels or paint them in any colour. So, if you’d prefer something different to the wood grain, please let us know.

Adding a splash of colour can make a room pop, either as a textured accent wall or wardrobe panelling. It’s a simple way to uplift a slightly dull, white- or beige-coloured room. Choosing a contrasting tone can also work – set a darker colour against a lighter background or the reverse to achieve an elegant and timeless finish. However, there’s nothing wrong with the simple finish of walnut or oak slatted wall panels.

So, are wood slat wall panels the answer to an uplifting, sophisticated bedroom? Absolutely! Through this simple addition, you can enhance your home – contact us for a bespoke wardrobe door or accent wall fitted to your exact measurements.


Wooden Slat Panels For an Accent Wall

The simplest way to integrate slat panels into your home is with an accent wall. Choose to either cover the entirety of a main wall, preferably one facing or adjacent to a window, with wood slats or highlight the panels in the inset of a wall. Accent walls help delineate a space – focusing your attention on a particular area or separating a portion of the room – for example, behind a dresser or bed.

Add shelves, mirrors, and pictures to decorate the slats, using the wood grain or coloured finish as a rich and textured background. That’s the best way to create intrigue or upscale a room – the perfect slatted feature wall.

Slatted panels fitted sliding doors
Slatted panels fitted sliding doors

Sliding Wardrobes with Wooden Slatted Panels

Elevate your bedroom with a top-quality wood slat panel wardrobe door. Built for full wardrobe projects, such as a fitted wardrobe, we work to your specifications – whatever your dream space, we’ll help you create it. Framed in beautiful planks, your wardrobe becomes the centrepiece of your room – a combined accent wall and functional addition.

Elegant and exquisite, each slat panel is made from the finest real wood veneer to the precise measurements you provide. Pair the finished oak slat panel wardrobe doors with a mirrored section to create depth in your room while adding detail.

Wooden Slat Panel for TV Units

Oak Slat Panels for TV Units

Slatted feature panels can also be used creatively in other areas offering texture and depth to the room’s design. While they’re a brilliant addition to your bedroom, wood slat panels can also be used everywhere, from kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, helping to decorate and divide up the space.

Incorporating a media wall with wooden slats in your living room not only adds a stylish and modern touch but also provides a practical and attractive way to conceal cords and mount your entertainment devices against an elegant backdrop.

Wooden slatted panels UK

Custom Made Wooden Slatted Panels

No two grains of wood are the same – it’s the beauty of natural materials. But we go one step further: whatever your room, style, or preferences, we can create tailored wood slat panels dedicated to your needs. Simply tell us the size of your space, and our expert team will cut the wood to your precise measurements. That’s a promise.

That’s only the first step in customisation and personalisation. Alongside the exact dimensions and proportions of the panel, you can also select a style unique to your personal taste and interior design. We have a dedicated in-house team ready to listen to your vision and transform it into a reality. We work closely with our clients to guarantee satisfaction with every custom order.

Moreover, we provide multiple colour options: stained or painted. Staining the wood slat panels won’t hide the underlying grain. However, the varnish and stain can darken the wood to fit a particular aesthetic – we find darker tones accent rooms while lighter tones open a space up. On the other hand, painting the slat panels creates a crisp finish. We can paint the panels any colour you want – from vibrant reds and oranges to cool blues and greens and even more subtle colours. Just ask if there’s a particular colour that you think would transform your room.

We only use the highest quality materials and components to build our custom wooden slatted panels. Each one is built to specific designs that allow for easy fitting and installation. In fact, we can also provide delivery and installation of slatted panels in the UK.

So, if you want to enhance your home with slat panel wardrobe doors or accent walls, we’re ready to help. We work throughout the UK. Our pricing is based on the complexity of the job – factoring in the time and materials. We have a minimum project price of £3,000 + VAT, including delivery and installation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, absolutely! Our wood slat panels are super custom-made and tailored to the precise measurements you provide. Our specialists will take detailed measurements to ensure a perfect fit for your space, guaranteeing a bespoke product that meets your exact specifications. Or, if you’d prefer, you can send us the measurements and we’ll get to work cutting the slats to size.
The brilliance of wooden slatted panels is their versatility. Use them to create decorative walls in living rooms (adorned with plants, shelves, and pictures), add an accent wall above the bed in a bedroom, or utilise them for interior zoning purposes. Whatever you need, slat panels act as versatile, decorative, and uplifting additions to your home. Speak to our team about any unique requirements or specific design requests – we’ll try to accommodate you.
Yes! You have the freedom to personalise your wooden slat panels with a colour of your choice. They can be stained to enhance the real wood veneer grain or painted to match your specific design preferences – tell us how dark you want to go or ask our design team for advice. Whether you’re looking for a subtle hue or a vibrant tone, we can customise the colour to suit your taste. Let us know if you’d like the oak slat panels stained or painted. Go vibrant and add a shock of colour, or stay subtle and subdued with a beige, white, or charcoal grey. Painted wood slat panels are the best way to inject colour into your room without overwhelming the space – especially for a media wall with wooden slats.
Yes, we provide a warranty for up to 15 years on our slat panels for walls. We stand behind the quality and durability of our products. For more detailed information about the warranty and what it covers, please contact our specialists. We’re happy to help. 
Not at all. The inclusion of wooden slat panels does not extend our average lead time – currently, we average 4-6 weeks for delivery and installation after you approve the final design drawings. However, if you have a particularly large project, we recommend double-checking the lead time with our consultants to ensure timely completion. Larger slatted feature walls or complex wardrobe projects can take longer.
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Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to customised wooden slat panels for wardrobe doors and accent walls. Yet, Urban Wardrobes remains a testament to quality craftsmanship. Learn what makes us different:

Share your vision with us, whether it’s a modern or classic custom-built wardrobe, and our experts will craft a design from the ground up. Select your preferred wardrobe door style and customise the interior to suit your needs perfectly.

Our pricing process is transparent and straightforward, avoiding confusing discount schemes. We don’t engage in price matching because our competitors simply do not match the quality and service we provide with our bespoke wardrobes.

The choice of finish is entirely up to you, whether it’s a stained or painted real wood veneer. We offer a comprehensive range of options in our catalogues. Feel free to contact us, and one of our specialists will guide you through the selection process, ensuring you find the perfect finish for your bespoke wardrobe.

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