Luna fretwork fitted wardrobes with mirrors, South Kensington

This wardrobe combines elegant circular fretwork detail with full-length mirrored panels

Project details

Location South Kensington, London
Space Guest bedroom
Finish Lacquered fretwork doors with mirrors
Price £4,200+VAT incl. fitting

This fitted wardrobe featuring lacquered fretwork doors with mirrors and crystal knobs has been installed for one of our customers in South Kensington. Choosing to have mirrored wardrobes has increased the light in this room. The light from the window is reflected back into the room. It helps make the room appear more spacious and airier than it actually is. This intricate fretwork element adds personality and interest to the room. The ornamental design is very attractive. The geometric shapes help define the space. Circles are more subtle with their softer lines. This helps create a relaxing space in the bedroom. Squares and rectangles have harder lines which might be best suited for designs outside the bedroom. After all circles symbolise harmony and love which is perfect for this space.

Just sticking with one geometric shape stops a design being too busy and disrupted. The fretwork here compliments the room and does not overpower it. Opting to go for a neutral palette choice also helps keep the design more subtle. It is good in the bedroom to have understated designs, too bold and it might affect quality of sleep. The colour in the room is also ideal for sleep. Light tones help reduce blood pressure and lower your heart rate. It’s important to avoid painting your bedroom in vibrant colours if you want to improve your quality of sleep. You do not want bright colours that stop you unwinding. Certain colours are known to make you more alert.

The wardrobe has plenty of internal space. With built up in drawers and shelves alongside all the hanging space for clothes you can minimise the clutter in the bedroom. The room now only needs a bed and a nightstand, so the client does not have to lose additional floor space adding additional furniture. The wardrobe is also very practical as the mirror can be used to get dressed in front of. There is no need to lose additional wall space adding a separate mirror.

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