Oak veneer walk in wardrobe, fitted wardrobes, Surrey

Luxury walk in wardrobe, veneered carcass with lacquered carcass frames

Project details

Location Surrey, Windlesham
Space Walk in wardrobe, dressing room
Finish Laminated exterior with elements of real wood veneer and sprayed frames
Price £25,000+VAT incl. installation

Massive walk in wardrobe and one of our most outstanding projects completed in 2017. It was manufactured & installed by Urban Wardrobes for a residence in Windlesham, Surrey.

This high-end project makes such a positive impact on the property. It is a wise investment that is stylish, modern and practical. More people are looking for features like this when buying a house. They want as much usable space as possible. The clothes have lots of room to breathe, everything is organised and tidy. The perfect storage solution for making sure clothes and shoes are kept in immaculate condition. It is a good idea to have much more space than you need when opting for a walk-in wardrobe.

You do not want to overfill the hanging rails and shelves. It is more about showcasing your clothes and shoes helping them look their best, than cramming in as many as possible so they get creased and air cannot circulate. Furthermore, think about a wardrobe layout that can cope if you decide to buy more clothes in the future.

It’s a good size room and the choice of a darker carcass does not alter the feeling of spaciousness in the room. Teaming the wardrobes with a light carpet, white skirting and ceiling really helps with the illusion of space. Choosing to have a generous mirror again makes the room seem open and inviting. The room has a good flow it all comes together seamlessly. On a practical level everything is easy to access, and you do not have to allow clearance room for wardrobe doors. This means there is ample floor space to get dressed. Adding a seat makes the room appear more comfortable.

The ceiling lights are bright but simple. They help display the clothes without drawing attention away from the beautiful wardrobes. Even though the room does not have any natural light this is not an issue. If anything, it is a plus point as natural light can fade clothes.

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