Made to measure TV units, bespoke Bookcases, fitted bookshelves

We can use lacquered, veneered, hand painted or laminated finish for your fitted bookcase or TV wall

Suitable TV room, Living rooms, Hallways, Dining rooms etc.
Price From £1,200+VAT per linear meter (meter width).
Finish Lacquered doors & shelves, hand painted or sprayed-on-site units. Traditional or contemporary styles.
Fitted storage solutions are extremely handy for both spacious and moderately sized homes. In fact, the sleek, chic and the cohesive designs of these custom make storage units confer an innately impeccable appearance to your homes. Myriad ranges of bookshelves, cabinets and storage units turn out to be the perfect variants of these built in storage solutions.

Built-in fitted bookshelves

Bookshelves add an inherently stunning appeal to your homes. The built-in bookshelves too are intricately designed, with smart and chic elements. These bookshelves are also available in any and every shape, which in turn fits every possible wall. Among the myriad ranges of these made to measure bookshelves, the wall mounted and floor-to-ceiling shelves are widely popular. Not only are these shelves adjustable, but they are also smart and perfectly designed. Moreover, flexibility is the forte of these bookshelves and so, they fit into walls of any and every shape. In fact, be it a wall corner or a huge space on the wall, these bookshelves can perfectly fit in your requisite zone.

Alcove bookshelves

With fitted storage solutions, you can easily convert your Alcove bookshelves into spacious storage spaces. You can also incorporate doors to these shelves and make them tad more purposeful. According to the width of these shelves, they can be easily converted to single, double or even triple column storage units. These storage solutions effectively maximize the entire space of your bookshelves thereby making them adjustable and well fitted. As an addendum, these shelves are also given a stunning finish, and LED cases are fitted to each of the column of these shelves.

Floating and contemporary shelves

Both Floating and contemporary bookshelves are chic and smart thereby having a seamlessly smart finish all along. Both these solutions are perfect for the myriad variants of alcoves. The floating shelves come with a high quality finish and absolutely no visible fixtures. This in turn makes it capable to carry heavier loads. The contemporary shelves, on the other hand are given the perfect spray paints which gives them a unique and out of the box finish.

Bespoke Cupboards

Bespoke cupboards are available both in alcoves or any other space in your homes. These cupboards can be built in both vintage and contemporary styles. Apart from that, these cupboards are also available in a combination of vintage and contemporary designs. Besides that, these cupboards are also available n the best range of materials and a vivid range of finishes.

Built in fitted cabinets

Fitted cabinets are available in some of the most impeccable designs and they are also very efficient. These designs are both conventional and chic simultaneously. Besides that, the structure and the shape of these cabinets can perfectly fit both your homes and offices. Moreover, you can also choose from the vast range of columns provided in these fitted cabinets. Go for a classic base or a smart design according to the interiors of the room. All in all, the custom design storage solutions are both chic and inherently purposeful simultaneously. Choose these solutions to ensure proper utilization of space and add a hint of innovation to your home interiors.

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Solution. Our specialists put up significant amount of effort behind every design they come up with. From the contemporary walk in wardrobe, bespoke sliding wardrobe, or custom-made kitchen, we leave no stone unturned to make you feel satisfied with the overall project.

Price. We offer straightforward quotation process with none of the 'discount smoke and mirror strategy'. 

Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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