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Fitted home offices, bespoke study furniture, office fitted wardrobes

Project details

Location We cover London fully and most locations within 2-3 hours drive.
Space Home office, Study Furniture
Finish Lacquered MDF, Veneer, Laminated wood
Price Minimum project price £3,000+VAT incl. installation

If you are working from home fitted office furniture is essential. It can help maximise storage space. Urban Wardrobes can help you make your office very functional, working with you to ensure ease of access for any items you need to hand in. Open shelves can also help with the décor. You can add colourful baskets to lift the expanse of white. Whilst paperwork can be kept neatly out of sight behind closed doors.

Keeping clutter out of sight can help you focus on the work. With built-in office furniture, everything has a place, so you do not have as many distractions. Unattractive cables can be tucked out of the way. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling height means no space is wasted. The highest shelves can still be utilised just for the folders you do not have to access as frequently.

A bespoke home office can be made to the height that suits you best. This can improve ergonomics which is better for your health and can reduce workplace injuries. Doing this will reduce your discomfort whilst working from home. Sitting at a desk for hours can soon take its toll on your body, leading to pain in your back and joints. However, bespoke office furniture at the right height is better for your posture and overall productivity.

Fitted home office furniture can help you make a dedicated area for work. It’s a good idea to separate work and home space. A clear boundary helps protect your mental health and safeguard your relationships. You want to be able to switch off and relax in other parts of your home. Doing this can reduce anxiety and work-related stress.

A fitted office can look very professional. If clients visit your house, you will want your home office fitted furniture to enhance the image you want to portray.

Fitted study furniture can help children revise and complete homework more effectively. The right furniture can improve your child’s concentration and memory recall. Comfortable children are likelier to be engaged in their work and do well in school.

Wide variety

Made to Measure Home Office.

Can be installed around the chimney breast, in a loft conversion, room with high ceilings or any other type of space.

All our bespoke office furniture is built from scratch, which allows you to customise the final look of the cabinet and internal layout in the way you want.

fitted home office London made to measure home office closets
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Victorian-style lacquered home offices

If you are looking for traditional shaker-style doors style for your home office, we can offer that.

Our shaker-fitted home office’s exterior can be sprayed with a full bespoke interior in any RAL colour.

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dressing table fitted bedrooms London
bespoke office wardrobes
bespoke office wardrobes

Fitted commercial office cupboards

Custom office storage cabinets with high gloss or matt doors designed and built from scratch precisely on the dimension of your space.

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made to measure home office closets

Contemporary fitted home offices

If you are looking for a custom-made home office designed based on your requirements, send us rough measurements of your space and the exterior finish you are after, and you will be provided with a free estimate.

The modern built-in home office allows you to simultaneously work from home and maximise the storage space.

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made to measure home office closets
Bespoke office cupboards

Built-in home office wardrobes, custom study room fitted furniture

In the last couple of years, how people work has changed dramatically. Customers often ask for made-to-measure fitted home offices installed in guest bedrooms or study rooms.

Built-in home office furniture cabinets will maximise the space inside the room and allow you to design your fitted workspace the way you want – using the preferable materials and internal layout.


Customised Office Furniture Questions

We mainly use the laminated wood finish (MFC) for the internals. We can use the same laminated finish for the exterior, which is usually less expensive: lacquered MDF and stained veneer.
There are many ways to achieve this. The most important one is the finish of the exterior. Handles, whether external or integrated, also play a significant role. And, of course, the quality of craftsmanship should be very high.
Yes, all our furniture is built from scratch, so we will first measure your space and then will produce the wardrobe based on the exact dimensions taken.
Yes, we offer full installation service for the fitted office furniture you will purchase from us. It will be also designed based on your needs.

Office Storage Solutions

We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we offer complete flexibility in configuring you’re made to measure office cupboard. All our storage solutions for offices are built from scratch, meaning all your special requirements will be considered during the design process.

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Why Choose Urban Wardrobes

With so many customers on the market of fitted bedrooms & kitchens at the moment it's really hard to choose the right one. Check below what make us different.

Our specialists put up significant amount of effort behind every design they come up with. From the contemporary walk in wardrobe, bespoke sliding wardrobe, or custom-made kitchen, we leave no stone unturned to make you feel satisfied with the overall project.

We offer straightforward quotation process with none of the 'discount smoke and mirror strategy'. We never "beat other quotes" simply because 'others' don't offer same quality & service.
Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. We produce classic & modern fitted furniture. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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