Sprayed or Veneered bespoke kitchens

Tailor made contemporary spray painted and veneered kitchens

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Location South East England, Essex, London
Space Kitchen
Finish Sprayed, veneered, laminated
Price From £10,000+VAT

Renovate Your Kitchen With Urban Wardrobes

A kitchen is considered to be workshop of homemaker, and heart of every family. A homemaker spends most of the time in kitchen, cooking, preparing, baking, serving and washing. However, the place is not just meant for food, it is also a place where wives and husbands chat for long, kids share their stories, grand parents teach their kids, and so on. It is also a place where your guests can have a share of wine before any celebration. The breakfast bench of kitchen can be used for other purposes like planning, homework, coffee and a late night ice creams. Well, kitchen is a place where infinite memories of family are created. Modernizing the kitchen area with new furniture to add convenience would be a smart idea for every house.

What is required to make the kitchen look perfect?

If you are trying to find answers for this question, Urban Wardrobes will help you out. Professional designers of Urban Wardrobes will combine their creative ideas with the essential material and furniture to get a wonderful kitchen for your home. A kitchen is said to be in an ideal state when it becomes functional, meaning an area of the house where everything is in right place! Urban Wardrobes will bring a smart kitchen to you where you can reach to every plate and vessel easily

You can check our great portfolio incorporating wide range of furniture for Kitchens on our website, and they are designed by the designers at Urban Wardrobes. Furniture used in kitchen need to be long lasting, as nobody likes to renovate it again and again and invest expenses. Therefore, smart and durable materials have to be used, and fitted in clever ways to make a kitchen that not only functions properly, but will also stay with you for many long years.

Kitchen Decoration Types

There are many ways to decorate and build your kitchen; the basic types of kitchen are – outdoor kitchens, small kitchens, eat-in kitchens and kitchen layouts. Selection of the kind of kitchen is to be made according to the decoration of your house. Furthermore, kitchens should also look beautiful and appeal to everybody. They should have a free flow design so that any family member can conveniently walk through and get anything he/she wants without any confusion. Urban Wardrobe has a great offer in store for its customers, and it is the free design service! The designers will check out your kitchen space and other surroundings, and will make presentations of various designs in match to the theme of your house.

Our Economical Products

The last yet the most important factor – cost. Though the design might look attractive and compel customers to renovate their kitchen, but if the charges seem high it can become a hurdle of the entire process. Fortunately, this won’t be a matter of issue with Urban Wardrobe as you can find reasonable prices of every service given. There is even 10 year warranty given on every set of furniture manufactured by Urban Wardrobe. Get numerous benefits for your kitchen and your house, visit Urban Wardrobes, London; or give a call to make your surroundings pleasant!

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