Oak veneer fitted wardrobes with metal handles, Canary Wharf

Fully fitted bedroom wardrobe with lots of metal details and oak veneer doors

Project details

Location Canary Wharf, E14
Space Master Bedroom
Finish Antico range - Oak veneer doors with stainless steel handles
Price £7,000+VAT incl. installation

One of our latest accomplished projects at Canary Wharf. Combination of silver mirrors, stained oak veneer doors and grooved metal handles looks really.

The darker wardrobe works well with the lighter walls and flooring. It’s a distinguished piece of furniture in the room. It has real presence with its warm rich colour. But it does not dominate the room because of the carefully thought out colour choices. The mirrored panels also reflect the room back on itself making it appear bigger than it is. It’s clever features like that which can transform a bedroom.

There is plenty of natural light from the bedroom which keeps the room airy and inviting. Plus, the well-placed spotlights make seeing the wardrobe contents a breeze. The room layout works there is still enough space when the wardrobe is in use. Another option that can be considered is sliding doors if you have less available room. The wardrobe is one of the main purchases for a bedroom after the bed, so you need to do your research and find a solution that works for you.

The built-in wardrobe maximises floor space. It is floor to ceiling height and stretched from wall to wall so plenty of space to keep the master bedroom tidy and clutter free. With various drawers and shelves and ample hanging space there is no need to have additional furniture in the room. All of which helps keep the room a calm and organised area.

When we stay in hotels, we tend to feel peaceful. We forget our stresses. That’s because the rooms are designed that way. At home the tendency is to have belongings all over the place. With proper storage you can achieve that level of relaxation. Your bedroom should be a haven. Store belongings out of sight, apart from a select few.

The grooved metal handles ensure the doors can be opened easily. They also reflect light in the room and add visual interest to the wardrobe.

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