Bespoke Sliding Wardrobes and Contemporary Furniture

At Urban Wardrobes, we create more than just sliding doors for our customers. Walk into any of our showrooms in London and experience the infinite creativity of bespoke furniture that should cater to all tastes and preferences.

If you have got an idea about what your home furniture should look like, feel free to share with us and we’ll design bespoke furniture customized to perfection. If you are not exactly sure about what you want, we will give you the necessary inputs and insights to get your creative juices flowing in the right direction. All design consultations at UrbanWardrobes are free, and with more than two decades of experience you can always count on our advice to work wonders for your home or office space.

The Bedroom

Be it cleverly designed walk-in closets, glossy sliding wardrobes or awe-inspiring bedroom furniture, we have all it takes to design a bedroom that would make your neighbor green with envy. We always advise our clients to add a dash of luxury to the bedroom space by including a sleek dressing table and customized mirror or a fashionable bed with headboard and bedside lockers of your choice. If you wish to use your bedroom as a storage space, our professional designers can come up with the perfect solutions. We will ensure that your bedroom genuinely reflects your style and personality, irrespective of its size and shape. Bespoke furniture is designed to transform the awkward spaces of your room into convenient storage areas – be it ceilings, bends, corners and openings.

The Home Office/Study

If you have to deal with a lot of paperwork at home, or you want to create a study for your little ones, we have got it covered. No matter how awkward the room size and shape, our bespoke standing desks, book racks, cupboards and drawer sets will radically renovate this space. Studies and offices are about the efficient usage of available space which will allow you to work in a user-friendly environment where you will find all your work essentials near to hand. Urban Wardrobes bespoke furniture will accommodate space for computers, files, CDs, books etc. while ensuring that you don’t run out of legroom at the same time.

The Living/Dining Room

No matter what the shape and size of the living and dining space in your home, we can provide you with an array of sleek furniture and storage equipment designs to suit your style and convenience. While we can cleverly conceal your kids’ toys, we can also help your show off your expensive crockeries most subtly. At UrbanWardrobes our designers have created excellent display cabinets, dressers and stylish book shelves to fit all awkward areas of the home. Enhance the storage capacity of your living room with such convenient cupboards and shelves, or you can allow us to create a sophisticated piece of furniture with a remarkable glass worktop that should be the center of all attraction in the room. In case you are running out of ideas for your home renovation, feel free to consult a professional designer at any of our showrooms.

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