3 types of closets to choose from

While planning the designs and the styles of your interiors, it becomes absolutely essential to choose a proper closet. However, before choosing the closet you have to understand the differences between various types of closets. With proper knowledge, you get to grasp a better insight on the various options from which you can make your pick of a closet that meets your requirements and fits your budget perfectly.

Way deeper and spacious than the conventional closets, these walk-in closets suit best in master bedrooms and suites. These closets are widely popular for their versatile style and their viable storage opportunity. The walk in closets, are generally a few square feet or even as huge and spacious as a bedroom. So while you plan a proper walk in closet you have to give close consideration to its design and style.

For instance, you can set up varied zones in walk-in closet to give it a chic and personalized feel. You can also use this system as a seasonal storage unit. This will add better appeal and tad more chic look to your closet. On top of that, you can also store stuff like jewellery or watches at the hot zone of your storage unit. Also, ensure that your shoes are absolutely accessible and visible in this closet.

Reach-In Closets

Reach-in Closets usually range between 2-8 feet in width and 24-30inches in depth. These closets are commonly seen in the various hallways, rooms of the little ones and rooms of homes that are pretty old. Originally, a reach-in closet was designed with one rod and a shelf. The rod is meant to be used for hanging clothes and the return walls are used in order to limit the internal access. But nowadays, these storage spaces have been widely improvised and they have turned out to be way more spacious and larger in structure.

Many of the affordable closet start-up kits come with an adjustable mounting system. This system helps you to reconfigure your storage as per your changing needs. On top of that, you can also add stackable components for your storage unit like cube organizers or drawer unit systems. This in turn, will give you ample storage space for accessories and other items that are folded or stuffed.

The conventional wardrobes

Very often, you may need a proper storage system but you may not have the ample space of storage. It might also happen that the closet you have chosen doesn’t fit your budget or does not complement the design of your abode. These wardrobes are the perfect storage option for under-utilized spaces, thereby creating a perfect ‘closet’ behind your doors or behind the fabric panels.

Nowadays, wardrobes are no longer a simple storage space; rather, they are more of a dressing room that can set your mood for the entire day or for a happening party at night. Due to this reason, it is absolutely necessary for your storage unit to have features that not only organizes your stuff but that actually comes in your purpose.

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