What Are Built-In Wardrobes: The Difference Between Fitted Wardrobes

Installing a stylish and functional wardrobe is an essential task at home, which allows you to significantly optimize the free space and adapt it to the individual needs of each owner. Creating an organized storage space is an excellent opportunity to maximize your living space according to personal preferences. Bedroom wardrobes are called built-in wardrobes, as they can be built into a niche, using all the free space in the room for maximum benefit.

Built-in wardrobes in the bedroom to order are usually made according to a specific design and measurements, so they fully fit into the room’s interior. Many users want to know the difference between built-in and fitted wardrobes. Similar models do not have any fundamental differences, so you can easily create a unique design to suit your preferences. With the help of such models, you can competently use the space and reduce the risk of cluttering unnecessary things. Compared to classic cabinets, built-in models can often use a corner area to optimize storage. Corner cabinets are distinguished by high functionality, reliability, and resistance to adverse external influences.

Built-in wardrobes, made to order, have many advantages over many analogs. They are presented in a wide range of different sizes, shapes, and characteristics. You can easily customize the equipment according to your needs, allowing you to fully utilize the free zone with minimal effort and at no extra cost. With built-in models, you can use every free centimeter. For example, with mirrored built-in wardrobes, you can visually expand the space, which looks especially good in compact rooms. 

Installation of fitted cabinets in the interior

glass and real walnut sliding door wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes look good in almost any interior. They are determined by their modern design and comprehensive functionality. They can be built into various niches, stairs, and other interior elements. Among the most exciting accommodation options are the following:

  • Models with sliding doors in a modern style. Such models look great in classic and contemporary interiors. Built-in wardrobes are built into the entire height of the room. For convenience, sliding doors are used, which saves free space. High-quality indicators and reliability distinguish such a dressing room. Here you can store not only things but also other accessories.
  • Large luxurious dressing room. Such a furniture set is distinguished by reliability, ample space, and a beautiful modern finish, which gives the atmosphere an attractive look. The dressing room allows you to provide a complete storage system in your home.
  • Use of niches for cabinets. This is an excellent option for creating a comfortable bedroom. Various design details allow you to make the most of exciting solutions to optimize the environment.

You can choose the best option for equipping your room based on individual preferences. For example, black wardrobes with sliding doors look attractive in the interior of large bedrooms. 

Cabinet materials

Modern built-in wardrobes are made from raw wooden or artificial materials with natural inserts, reducing the furniture set’s cost. Many models combine various elements to optimize space and expand it.

To reduce the cost, glass, and plastic inserts are also often used. You can fill with your hands using high-quality equipment that meets all standard norms and requirements. Also, attention should be paid to the details:

  • Installation of the lighting system. Modern lighting fixtures in the dressing room are used, making the space visually wider. At the same time, a certain homeliness and comfort are added.
  • Smart storage system. With the help of a wardrobe, you can adapt the space according to individual needs. For example, sliding shelves, bedside tables, and drawers are often used. All details may differ from each other, which will maximize the use of free space for individual needs.

In recent years, modular designs have become very popular on the market. They are highly functional and easy to use. As a result, all your clothes are stored neatly folded. 

Making a bespoke bedroom cupboard

A built-in bedroom is an excellent solution for almost any interior. It can be used for more than just storage. Roll-up beds can usually be folded into a closet for the day to free up space in the room for other tasks. Fitted models always look good in almost any modern or classic interior. If you want to find a suitable solution, it is recommended to contact professionals.

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