How to design own wardrobe

You might be nervous starting your journey into wardrobe design. However, the process just requires a little thought and planning to make the right decisions. We use our wardrobes daily so its advisable spending the time designing your wardrobe. You will want it to function and look how you intended once it’s built. It’s an expensive investment you want to get it right.

Your Requirements

Before approaching a company like ours your first step is thinking about your particular needs. When you design your own wardrobe ask yourself lots of questions to help with the process. For example, how long does your hanging storage need to be? This will help you decide if you want single or double hang sections.

Then think about whether you need more hanging space or drawers? Look at the clothes you have already to help guide you. Armed with your answers you will be better equipped to design your wardrobe that will suit your lifestyle and circumstances.

Decide on the height and depth of your wardrobe. You can base this on how tall you are and how padded your outfits are.

Room Layout

Then you need to think about your room and where the wardrobe would fit best. The position of radiators, doors and windows will limit your choices. Plus, you need to leave space to walk comfortably around any furniture. The room layout will impact whether you can have hinged wardrobe doors. If floor space is limited look at wardrobe design options featuring sliding doors instead.

If you have any awkward spaces such as a sloped roof or tight corners, then speak to your wardrobe maker to see what they have achieved on similar projects in the past. Looking at photographs of those previous clients projects will help inspire you.

In a spacious room you have more options with wardrobe design, you could consider adding a dressing table or desk. In these bigger rooms you can go beyond what you need in your bedroom and be much more creative. So don’t feel like you need to stick rigidly to the bed, bedside cabinets and wardrobe formula in that case.

Online Tools

You can use an online wardrobe design configurator to see what your wardrobe will look like in different finishes and colours. You can also tweak the interior to your needs, adding a blanket shelf, shoe racks, tie racks and hanging space to have a clearer idea what it will look like before committing to having it built. Furthermore, this is your chance to see if you have missed anything before it’s too late.


When you create your own wardrobe don’t forget to mock it up before you have it built. Not everyone is a fan of online wardrobe maker tools, if you prefer to see things in real life you can use masking tape to size out the wardrobe where you plan to locate it. Then you can see if the dimensions work with the available space in the room.

Speak To The Experts

You could always ask a wardrobe designer if you are struggling with your vision. There are a lot of decisions to make, and it can seem overwhelming. Hiring an interior designer who specializes in designing wardrobes will speed up the process. They will look at your needs and budget, then come up with a workable solution. They can also see the hidden potential in your room because they are approaching it with fresh eyes. When you live somewhere day in and day out it’s hard to view it objectively.


In terms of your wellbeing, you could even consider adding a UV lamp as part of your wardrobe design to disinfect garments. These are becoming more popular because they kill viruses and bacteria and remove odours and mould found in wardrobes.

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