Exploring Wardrobe Carcass Options: Full vs. Front Frame

When designing custom made wardrobes, the wardrobe carcass plays a vital role in determining its durability, functionality, and overall aesthetic appeal. The choice between different carcass options can significantly impact the wardrobe’s storage capacity, stability, customization possibilities, and cost. In this article, we will explore two popular options: full and front frame wardrobe carcasses

By understanding each option’s characteristics, advantages, considerations, and implications, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision when selecting the ideal option for your needs. So, let’s explore furniture options to discover the differences between an entire carcass and front, built-in wardrobe frame and find the perfect fit for your wardrobe design aspirations.

Full Carcass

A whole built-in wardrobe carcass is a popular choice when it comes to designing an efficient and visually pleasing storage solution. To better understand its characteristics and advantages, let’s examine its key features in a table format:

Storage CapacityUtilizes the entire internal area of the cupboard, maximizing storage potential.
StabilityIt offers enhanced structural stability and durability due to its complete enclosure.
Aesthetic AppealPresents a seamless and clean look without any visible frame lines or gaps.
CustomizationAllows flexible customization options, such as door styles, finishes, and paneling.
AccessibilityProvides easy installation, maintenance, and modification due to its complete construction.
CostThis may involve slightly higher costs due to increased material usage.
WeightTends to be heavier, requiring additional considerations during installation and limiting portability.

Considering these features, it becomes evident that an entire furniture offers significant advantages in terms of storage capacity, stability, aesthetic appeal, and customization options. However, it is essential to consider the potentially higher costs and weight implications when choosing this type.

In conclusion, a fully fitted wardrobe carcass is an excellent option for those seeking maximum storage capacity, durability, and a seamless look. It provides an efficient and stylish solution for organizing and storing your belongings while adding elegance to your living space using made to measure wardrobes effectively.

Front Frame Carcass

When exploring furniture options, the front frame carcass stands out as a choice to consider. To gain a better understanding of its characteristics and advantages, let’s examine its key features in a table format:

CustomizationAllows for more flexibility regarding door styles, finishes, and paneling options.
AccessibilityProvides easier installation, maintenance, and modification compared other options.
Cost-EffectiveIt can be more budget-friendly due to its more straightforward wardrobe carcass in the UK and reduced material usage.
Storage LimitationsIt may have reduced internal storage space due to the presence of frame members.
Visible Frame LinesThe frame lines on the front face may be visible, impacting the overall aesthetic appeal.

Considering these features, we can appreciate the unique advantages and considerations associated with a front frame carcass fitted wardrobe. The customization options allow you to personalize the cabinet’s appearance by selecting different door styles, finishes, and paneling. Additionally, the accessibility of a front frame cupboard makes it easier to install, maintain, and modify according to your evolving needs.

One of the notable advantages of front frame carcass tailor made wardrobes is their cost-effectiveness. The more straightforward construction and reduced material usage can result in a more affordable option than full carcass wardrobes. This makes it an attractive choice for those working within a budget.

However, it is essential to acknowledge the potential limitations of the front frame carcass made to measure wardrobes. The presence of frame members may reduce the internal storage space available, impacting your organization’s capabilities. Additionally, the visible frame lines on the front face of the tailor made wardrobes may affect the overall aesthetic appeal, especially for those seeking a seamless and uninterrupted design.

A fitted wardrobe frame offers advantages in terms of customization options, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. While it may have storage limitations and visible frame lines, it remains a viable option for individuals seeking a more budget-friendly and customizable solution.


What is a wardrobe carcass?

A wardrobe carcass refers to the internal framework or structure of a cupboard. It is the foundation upon which the wardrobe is built and determines its stability, storage capacity, and overall design.

What is a full carcass wardrobe?

A full furniture is a type of cupboard construction where the internal framework fully encloses the entire closet space. It provides a seamless and clean look without visible frame lines or gaps.

What are the advantages of a whole carcass wardrobe?

Full carcass wardrobes offer several benefits, including maximum storage capacity by utilizing the entire internal area, enhanced stability and durability due to the complete enclosure, and a seamless aesthetic appeal with no visible frame lines.

Are there any considerations when choosing a full carcass wardrobe?

Some considerations to keep in mind include higher costs due to increased material usage and the weight of the furniture, which may require additional installation considerations.

What is a front frame carcass wardrobe?

A front frame carcass wardrobe is a wardrobe construction where the internal framework features a visible frame on the front face. This design allows more flexibility regarding door styles, finishes, and paneling options.

Final Thoughts

In designing a custom-made wardrobe, the choice of carcass type is a critical decision that can significantly impact the final product’s functionality, durability, and overall appeal. By exploring the options of entire carcass and front frame carcass, we have gained valuable insights into their respective features, advantages, and considerations.

A whole carcass wardrobe offers maximum storage capacity, enhanced stability, and a seamless aesthetic appeal without visible frame lines. It provides a sleek and clean look while utilizing the entire internal area for storage. However, it may come with higher costs and be heavier, requiring additional considerations during installation.

On the other hand, a front frame furniture offers flexibility in terms of customization options, ease of installation, maintenance, and modification and is often more cost-effective. However, it may have limitations regarding reduced internal storage space and visible frame lines on the front face.

Ultimately, the choice between a whole carcass and a front frame carcass depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific requirements of the wardrobe design. It is crucial to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each option about your needs and priorities.

By understanding the characteristics and implications of full carcass and front frame carcass wardrobes, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your storage needs, style preferences, and budget considerations. Remember, a well-designed furniture is the foundation of an organized and aesthetically pleasing storage solution that adds value and functionality to your living space.

So, take your time, consider all aspects, and choose the furniture option that best suits your unique requirements. Whether you opt for a full closet with its seamless design or a front frame furniture with its customization possibilities, the ultimate goal is to create a bespoke wardrobe that enhances your lifestyle and brings joy and efficiency to your everyday routines.

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