Criteria for choosing a bed built into the wall: features of Murphy beds

In recent years, built-in bedrooms have become very popular, as they have broad functionality. Murphy beds can usually be used to furnish a guest room. The wall-mounted bed folds up to keep the room exciting and optimizes the decor according to everyone’s preferences. Among the main advantages of compact fitted furniture is the ability to use space with maximum benefit.

When choosing, finding a suitable modification to complement the decor can be challenging. You can closely examine all available features and styles to choose the right wall bed according to your options. Such models can be easily lowered or raised to complement and optimize the space by the tasks. Also, the bed is strong enough to last many years, as it is made of high-quality materials. When buying, you should consider some characteristics. 

What is a Murphy bed built into the wall: characteristics

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The Murphy bed is a unique wall-mounted bed. It is installed along the border. With the help of a special mechanism, you can fold or unfold the bed. If you do not use this canvas as a bed, it can be used as a special built-in wardrobe, which has high functionality and reliability compared to other solutions today.

Before buying a bed built into the wall, you need to evaluate the characteristics of the living space. You need to understand how you distribute all the zones. To free up space, fold the bed. This solution looks great as a fitted office cabinet or storage shelving at home. You can also use a Murphy bed in the bedroom to optimize the living area. Such solutions are especially suitable for studios with little free space. Set the bed in a comfortable position to use all available options. 

Recommendations when choosing a Murphy bed and a wall bed

If you want to choose a Murphy bed for your room, then you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • The layout of the premises. It is essential to use all available free space wisely to optimize the arrangement of items. Usually, wall-mounted beds are assembled vertically, but you can also choose horizontal modifications built under the eaves. Beforehand, you should also measure the optimal length and characteristics of the equipment so that the opening and closing mechanism is in the most comfortable and accessible area for everyday use.
  • Manufacturing materials. Modern furniture is made of MDF and chipboard, but using natural solid wood or metal is best. Solid wood has a long service life. You should also provide for the location of shelves and other storage system elements for maximum comfort in everyday use.
  • Opening mechanism. It is essential to choose the optimal Murphy bed mechanism for the specific characteristics of the room. For example, spring or piston mechanisms are commonly used, so you must try to use them. Spring mechanisms are more in demand and functional. Piston models are easier to use every day but wear out faster. Manual tools are more straightforward and practical, allowing you to adjust all design parameters independently.
  • Peculiarities. Built-in features enhance the usability of the built-in bed. For example, such solutions look good in studios where it is necessary to provide additional storage space for various things. You can use the built-in lighting system, built-in table, and other elements as desired.

You can choose the solutions that suit your preferences, room features, and budget. 

Styles of beds built into the wall

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Before buying, you should also pay attention to the design features of the wall bed:

  • The wall bed is a modern solution that includes multifunctional designs. Bookcases, storage cabinets, various shelving, and other elements can be built inside.
  • Wardrobe bed. Such built-in models are attached to the wall but also contain shelves and other elements for arranging a storage system. This option suits those who need to optimize the storage system for individual needs and capabilities.

You can choose a design option that suits your preferences and room parameters. 


The cost of a built-in bedroom may vary depending on the individual preferences of each. For example, double models can cost much more. Also, the price is affected by the quality of materials, the opening mechanism, and additional integrations.

What else to look for when choosing a Murphy bed?

The Murphy bed is a modern functional design. The wall-mounted bed is called Murphy, after the man who invented it. This popular modification allows you to optimize a small living space. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the best option. When choosing, you should also consider the parameters of the functionality of the space. Other selection options include:

  • Horizontal and vertical designs. Mattress orientation may vary depending on location. Upright models are used more often. Horizontal models allow you to use unusual space. Everyone will be able to choose an option to implement specific tasks.
  • The size of the sleeping surface. There are different standard and non-standard stock sizes. You can choose full single beds or double models. Most structures have high-quality mattresses with high resistance rates to adverse external influences.
  • Mechanism. When choosing, you should also consider whether it is possible to perform the layout yourself. In some situations, you will have to use the help of outsiders to use the mechanism.
  • Frequency of use. For every day, you should choose more straightforward and more functional models that are convenient to use. For use by guests, you can choose more complex and available storage systems.
  • Functionality. It is essential to consider the options for filling the structure. For example, you can use various options for built-in wardrobes that will allow you to use all the space to your advantage. There are many multifunctional models.

You can choose the optimal model from specialists with relevant experience and knowledge, which will allow you to use all the elements to your advantage. 

Where is it to buy a Murphy bed?

You can purchase a suitable bed in a store or online store according to individual preferences. You should familiarize yourself with all the options for furniture sets to find the perfect solution for a specific interior. It is also advantageous to purchase a Murphy bed to order, designed specifically for each customer’s individual needs. Many sellers offer profitable solutions for everyone.


The Murphy bed must usually be fixed to the wall with a special fastener to ensure high strength. Some models can be mounted under the cornice, to the floor, or ceiling. For installation, the room’s dimensions and the models’ functional purpose should be considered. When purchasing, you should also familiarize yourself with additional accessories to choose the best option.

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