Built-In Corner Wardrobe Ideas: Maximize Your Bedroom Space with These Clever Design Tips

If you’re struggling with a lack of closet space, a built-in corner wardrobe can be a great solution. By making use of an underutilized corner of your room, you can create a stylish and functional storage space for all of your clothes and accessories.

But where do you start when designing a corner wardrobe? Here are some creative ideas to help you get started:

1. Maximize Your Storage Space with Custom Shelving

When it comes to building a corner custom built-in corner wardrobe, every inch of space counts. Custom-built shelves can help you make the most of your corner and create a storage space that’s tailored to your needs. Consider adding adjustable shelves to accommodate items of different sizes and shapes.

2. Install Sliding Doors to Save Space

Hinged doors can take up a lot of valuable floor space in a small room. Sliding doors are a great alternative as they take up less space and provide easy access to your wardrobe. Built-in corner wardrobe with sliding doors sliding doors can also add a touch of elegance and make your room feel more spacious.

3. Hang Your Clothes in Style

Hanging space is a must-have in any wardrobe. In a corner wardrobe, you can make use of both sides of the corner by installing hanging rods on both sides. This will allow you to hang your clothes neatly and keep them organized.

tailor made sloping ceiling walk in wardrobes

4. Add Drawers for Smaller Items

Drawers are perfect for storing smaller items like socks, underwear, and jewelry. Built-in drawers can be designed to fit seamlessly into the corner wardrobe and provide easy access to your items. Consider adding soft-close drawers for a touch of luxury.

5. Utilize Pull-Out Baskets for Accessories

Accessories like belts, scarves, and hats can be difficult to organize in a small space. Pull-out baskets are a great solution as they provide easy access to your accessories while keeping them organized and out of sight when not in use.

6. Incorporate Lighting to Highlight Your Wardrobe

Proper lighting is essential in any wardrobe. You can add ceiling lights or LED strip lighting to your corner wardrobe to ensure that everything is well-lit and easy to see. This will also make it easier to organize your clothes and accessories.

7. Consider a Built-In Dressing Table

mirrored doors fitted wardrobes London

If you have space, consider adding a built-in dressing table to your corner wardrobe. This will provide a dedicated space for getting ready and make your morning routine more efficient. You can add a mirror and a small stool to complete the look.

In conclusion, a built-in corner wardrobe is a great solution for maximizing your storage space in a small room. By incorporating these design ideas, you can create a functional and stylish wardrobe that meets all of your needs. From custom shelving to pull-out baskets, there are endless possibilities for creating your dream corner wardrobe.

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