14 fantastic closets of all shapes and sizes

Go nowhere else if you have storage unit requirement. Here are 14 best and fantastic walk in closets that come in all sizes and shapes. Some of them were installed in some famous houses and apartments.

1. This closet fits in perfectly if you have square to rectangle-shaped space lying idle. The shelves fittings will be incorporated on sides, leaving enough room for you to stand/walk and take things out without creating a mess. 

Walk in wardrobe interiors

2. Since master bedroom always has additional space to build wardrobes, this closet will not take much space and yet be spacious. Added beauty element is wood/metal framing and sliding glass doors. 

Inspirational walk in closets ideas

3. A closet that is parallel to any wall and does not ask for much room/heavy and bulky fittings too. You can choose the shade/color as per your liking. On the outside, you can either put a sliding door or any traditional door as well. However, make sure it opens on the outside.

Walk in wardrobe projects London

4. A nice multi-cabinet closet that is partitioned to store everything at right place. No messy storing as it will be easy to put away and find anything without wasting a single moment. 

Traditional walk in wardrobes

5. A fantastic walk-in closet that will leave you awestruck. You will definitely admire subtle and smooth finish as well as contemporary storage style.

Walk in wardrobe in bathroom

6. No need to forcibly remove anything from your house to fit a closet. This closet can be put against a wall, from floor to ceiling and would work for your bedroom, children’s room or guest room. 

Walk in closets ideas 

7. A stand-alone beautiful walk-in wardrobe to cater to all your needs. Ample space and Glass panels on two sides to give it a contemporary touch.

Bedroom walk-in wardrobes in London

8. Pink and such shades are mostly for teen-aged girls and kids. This closet is a fantastic storage unit for people who have young or teen-aged kids. Organized and easy storing facility allows efficient storing and minimal confusion. 

Classic black walk in wardrobe

9. Let your closet be invisible to others. Stepping into this closet will mean entering a different world altogether. Wonderful design and multi-shelves of different sizes to store small to large sized things easily. 

Walk in wardrobe for a big family

10. In case you have some space under a sloping roof, or a corner that cannot be used in anyway, then this closet will fit perfectly. A proper utilization of available space that runs parallel, meaning only a lobby-shaped space will be enough.

Ladies walk in closet

11. Sliding door closet in a wonderful chocolate tone that sets a contrast to light-colored interiors, very organized and spacious too. 

Walk in closets UK London 

12. A contemporary closet to fit in small sized space. This wardrobe can be enclosed or left open too. 

Small walk in wardrobe London

13. If you don’t like wardrobes with fixtures all over the walls, then this closet is a perfect solution for you. Forget about putting nails on the walls. This closet is a good idea if you have some idle space that does not have public access.

Traditional walk in closets

14. If you like to put away your things for easier access, then this closet is the one for you. Style, comfort, space and without eating up more than needed space.

Walk in wardrobes with lighting

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