Medical office lacquered joinery package, Baker Street

Dark real wood veneer, floating sliding doors and sprayed exterior

Project details

Location Baker Street, W1G
Space Medical Office
Finish Sprayed doors with routered handles, floating sliding system, Beige linen carcass, Walnut veneer bookcase and sliding doors
Price £18,000+VAT

Fully bespoke bookcase and sliding wardrobe with combination of sprayed and real wood veneer finishes.

The custom-built bookcase has such an original design. Both functional and unique. It is quite a commanding piece of furniture. It demands your attention to the point it could have been in danger of dominating some rooms. However, it still works here as this is a large room that can comfortably accommodate furniture of this nature. Plus, the light-coloured walls and ceiling further emphasise that impression of space as they help reflect light.

Interestingly the flooring is very dark, so it can absorb light. But also, the client can use this to their advantage to make the room seem cosier and more comfortable. It’s important the people feel relaxed at work to reduce stress levels. Stressed staff are more likely to make mistakes and perform poorly.

Adding so much storage with numerous cupboards, drawers and shelves means this medical office can be exceptionally well organised. It’s very important that work areas are clean and orderly and proper storage makes that easier to achieve. You do not want paperwork building up on every surface. It is easier to think clearly if your workspace is orderly. Furthermore designing a attractive work space is also better for staff morale and productivity. Urban Wardrobes can help you place furniture strategically to enhance the layout of the room in terms of comfort and efficiency.

The overall effect is an interesting mix of modern design with very traditional colour choices. The finish gives the impression of wealth. Someone who is confident with their choices in life and knows what they want to accomplish.

Other changes the client could incorporate in future include adding a splash of colour apparently certain colours can boost productivity. A rug or wall art in a brighter colour can make employees feel more energetic and inspired. Adding plants can also reduce stress. The workforce will benefit when you bring some of the essence of the outdoors into the office environment.

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