Tempo – lacquered door wardrobes with recessed handles

Plain lacquered doors with vertical or horizontal routered handles

Project details

Location South East England, Essex, London
Space Bedrooms, Lofts with sloping ceilings, Dressing rooms, Hallways etc.
Finish Spray painted doors with routered handles. Any RAL code can be used and any location of the inset handles.
Price from £1,400+VAT per linear meter (meter width)

Tempo range doors can be spray painted either in matt, satin or high gloss. You can choose any RAL colour for the paint colour or we can match the colour of any brand like Little Green, Farrow & Ball etc. There are lots of carcass colour options starting from white laminate ending with woodgrain veneers or laminates. Tempo is very minimalistic range of hinged door wardrobes and with the right colour can ideally fit any interior.

The routered handles are very minimalistic and contemporary. They are much more discrete as they don’t impact your space like traditional knobs. They might seem less decorative but if you are after something simple they are the perfect choice. The clean lines are very understated and unfussy. However, these handles are still very functional and hardwearing.

Subtlety is important to those clients who want a serene bedroom without too much going on. In those cases, routered handles are a natural choice. You will also notice neutral paint palettes, uncluttered rooms and soft lighting working effectively here. All these features help ensure a calm environment in the home. Adding white bedding can look fresh and appealing. You want to make the room look as inviting as possible.

A peaceful setting is vitally important in the bedroom. You want to encourage sleep without distractions. Keep accessories to a minimum by storing them in an Urban Wardrobes bespoke design. Emphasize the space in the room by utilising what you have. Free standing wardrobes end up with a lot more wasted space. Fitted wardrobes are often floor to ceiling height so you can benefit from additional shelves and drawers.

When picking a TEMPO wardrobe, you have lots of flexibility with your choices. You have plenty of variety when it comes the paint on the doors, the carcass colour and the shade of the handle colour. If you want a white wardrobe to stand out you can choose to pick a contrasting colour for the carcass, handles or trim. When the wardrobe is in use the second colour is revealed or it can be appreciated all the time with the other choices. We give you so many options so finding your dream wardrobe is effortless.

When deciding which paint you would like to use think about the different characteristics of that paint. High gloss paint is very durable and easy to clean, it is also the most reflective choice. If keeping a room light and airy is a big consideration for you it might be worthwhile selecting gloss paint.

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