Made To Measure Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Built-in sliding wardrobes designed based on your requirements and fitted to an absolute perfection

Project details

Location We cover London fully and most locations within 2-3 hours drive.
Space For bedrooms and living rooms. We have no height limitations. All our furniture is fully bespoke and made to measure.
Finish Sprayed mirrored doors, glass doors in aluminium profile, plain sliding doors with routered handles etc.
Price From £1,200 excl. VAT per linear meter (width)

Sliding door wardrobes help you make the most of your home interior. Bespoke sliding doors not only give you a clean, modern look, but they save a ton of space. While hinged doors swing out into the room as you open a wardrobe and get in the way of the walkways, sliding wardrobe doors glide effortlessly along the tracks left and right. This allows you to access your clothes easily and eliminates any interference with other furniture. In other words, sliding doors for wardrobes don’t limit your movement and interior layout. You can even use them for bedroom cabinets or understairs storage, where access can get a little tricky.

In our projects, we offer a number of ready sliding door designs that are the most popular choices among our clients. However, you can create your own custom sliding wardrobe project that will be made to your taste. You can have mirrored doors, tinted glass, wood panelling, or even fabric doors. Going for mirrored doors, you can visually enlarge your room because mirrors naturally double the space and bring more light into your room. Tinted glass works similarly, with the only difference being that it adds colour to your room. Therefore, you can use this property to tie together the colour palette of your interior and add a bit of extra sophistication. Wood panelling is, of course, elegant and simply timeless. Choose real veneer or wood-like MFC, and it will give your bedroom this cosy and warm feel we all crave. All in all, your vision comes first for us, and we will work closely together on how to bring your ideas to life.

If you have a conventional, not-so-exciting white interior and want to go for bolder interior decisions, try adding a splash of colour with a bright sliding door wardrobe. This way, you can turn a wardrobe into an accent wall that will give your interior a boost and bring an element of interest to your room. Not to mention the attention your wardrobe will get from your guests! Ask our specialist how we can zhuzh your interior with colour. We can use bright matt or gloss colour panels for your sliding door wardrobe.

Custom bedroom sliding wardrobe doors are especially popular in the UK these days. And for a good reason! Because sliding doors move along the track, they don’t take any extra space when opened. For most homeowners who live in small houses, every inch of their space matters. Therefore, it is simply vital for them to get smart space-saving storage. Is it something you are interested in, too? Then, order bespoke sliding door wardrobes from us!

Can sliding doors be cut to size? – Absolutely. You can buy fully bespoke sliding wardrobes from our UK-based workshop manufactured based on the size of your space.

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Glass & Mirror Fitted Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If you want to buy a fully bespoke sliding wardrobe with a combination of mirrors and coloured glass, then our Bianca range is precisely what you need! 

This is one of our made-to-measure wardrobes that can be fully customised to meet your needs. Want to use only mirrors for your wardrobe sliding doors? Easily! Just tell us your ideas, and our designers will create a unique design based on your requirements.

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Bespoke Built-in Scandinavian-style Cupboard with Sliding Doors

These sliding wardrobe doors are the best solution for homeowners who have limited space and love Scandinavian design. If you like a traditional Scandinavian colour combination of white and wood, then this wardrobe door design is for you!

Going for such fitted sliding wardrobes, you get a trendy minimalist look and plenty of storage space. Reach out if you are looking for built-in bedroom wardrobes with sliding doors and fully bespoke interiors.

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Bronze Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Doors

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, then these elegant full-height mirrored doors in the champagne colour profile are exactly what you need. Bronze mirrors create a cosy and elegant ambience, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a unique visual appeal compared to traditional silver mirrors. 

Opt for such a wardrobe sliding door range if your home interiors are made in a warm colour palette. Feel free to ask our team to replace standard silver hanging rails with bronze ones – this way, you can achieve a chic and cohesive look for insides and outsides of your sliding door wardrobes.

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Grid-Style Sliding Wardrobe Doors

This design option offers a combination of three different inlays for one sliding wardrobe door. It opens a slew of possibilities for your custom wardrobe: you can use a mirror with a combination of colours or even go for three different materials. You can also choose any colour of the profile — silver, champagne, black, white. The customisation options are simply endless! 

When going for this sliding door design, consult your interior designer or our specialist on which materials will go well together. By locating sections of the wardrobe door differently, you get a new look every time. A little design tip for you: these sliding wardrobe doors may work beautifully in kids’ bedrooms when done in checker style with different colour inlays.

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Custom Made Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

Adding a fitted sliding door wardrobe to your bedroom or living room is a great way to maximise your storage space. So, if you are looking for storage solutions for your hallways, walk-in wardrobes, lofts, kitchens, and guest bedrooms, order a high-quality made-to-measure sliding wardrobe from us.

We have plenty of ready design options for sliding wardrobes, and they all are customisable to your taste and lifestyle. Your built-in sliding doors wardrobe can be fully personalised based on your requirements – both interior and the wardrobe sliding doors combination. If you have some design references or sketches of what you like, just send them over to our designers so that they can build a sliding door wardrobe of your dreams for you.

There are a lot of finishes to offer for your bespoke fitted sliding wardrobes. The most popular ones are glass, mirror, laminated MFC panels, sprayed MDF panels, natural wood veneer, decorative marble and fabric. And even inside of these options, the variety of coloured glass, tinted mirrors, shades of wood, and fabric patterns is simply huge! Don’t worry if you’re struggling with choosing finishes. Just reach out to us, and our specialist will consult you on which option will work best for your fitted wardrobe and send you our catalogues.

In building our wardrobes, we use high-quality materials and components provided by top manufacturers from the UK, Europe, and beyond. And even though we are absolutely sure about the quality of our product, every customer still gets a structural warranty for all our fitted sliding wardrobes — up to 15 years. 

On top of that, we not only produce sliding wardrobes for you but also deliver and install them – both delivery and installation are included in the price of the wardrobe. But be sure; there will be no hand-painting or construction job happening at your home! Our professional team of fitters will arrive at your place on time and simply assemble your wardrobe. 

If you are wondering, how much are built-in wardrobes with sliding doors in the UK? – It will mainly depend on the finish of the facades. The more complicated and time-consuming the exterior finish, the higher the price of your sliding door wardrobe. Our minimum project price is £3,000+VAT, including delivery and installation.


Bespoke Fitted Sliding Cupboards Questions

Yes, all our fitted wardrobes are fully bespoke and made-to-measure. It means that we manufacture our fitted sliding wardrobes based on precise measurements of your space. This way, we can achieve this oh-so-desirable seamless effect when your wardrobe blends in with the walls and fits perfectly into your room. Our technician will measure your space so we can develop designs for you that are perfectly tailored to your room.
We use different combinations of sliding wardrobe doors – they could be mirrors, coloured glass, or MFC. Explore some of the options on this page and choose one that works for you. Also, feel free to contact us with another idea that you have in mind. We also accept references from any other sources, so please send us your pinboard or photo references. We can change the door combination and change the insides of the wardrobes. It is also possible to modify the storage according to your needs and add accessories. Our furniture is all bespoke so that we can tailor the design of your sliding wardrobe to your taste!
Sliding doors are a perfect solution for small houses where every inch counts. These could be master bedrooms, kids’ bedrooms, hallways and closets. Also, feel free to ask our manager about kitchen cupboards and cabinets with sliding doors. On top of that, bespoke sliding wardrobes look amazing in loft spaces, especially if you’re doing a loft conversion. Our fitted furniture can be built around weird structural elements, turning awkward corners into a usable storage area. Add sliding wardrobe doors – and you get a modern, clean look and functionality all in one!
It all depends on the range of sliding doors you choose for your bespoke wardrobe project. For some ranges, the maximum height is around 2500mm. The minimum recommended width is 600mm, and the maximum is 1200mm. Therefore, it’s better to consult with our specialist on whether the range you choose will actually work for your space. If you have doubts about how correct your rough measurements are, the best decision is to let a professional do it for you. To do so, please book a design visit from us. Our designer will come to your place, measure the spaces professionally, and consult you on which sliding wardrobe door range will work for your home.
Wardrobe sliding doors may allow you to get better access to other furniture that stands nearby, such as bedside tables, chest of drawers, and so on. In other words, sliding wardrobe doors can be real space savers for small bedrooms. However, in terms of design and visual aesthetics, hinged door wardrobes offer you a much wider variety of colours and materials. If you have a specific colour that you want to use for your sliding wardrobe (for example, if you want it to match your wall colour perfectly), please double-check with our manager whether it is possible with sliding doors. Feel free to send us photos of your room where you are planning to put your built-in wardrobe. Our specialist will consult you on which option will work best and give your bedroom interior a cohesive look for your home.

It all depends on the style of the doors you are after. Sometimes, fitted sliding wardrobe doors cost less than closets with hinged doors. However, the price of your fitted wardrobe with sliding doors can be affected by various factors, such as materials, scale and complexity of the design. At the end of the day, only our specialist who works on your project can tell you the final cost. Feel free to ask them if choosing traditional hinge doors instead of sliding wardrobe doors is better and more cost-effective for you.You can find examples of sliding built-in wardrobes in our Projects gallery or ask for advice from our support.
Sure, you can! Since we create custom fitted wardrobes with sliding doors from scratch, we can make any interior for your wardrobe. Starting with a combination of shelves, drawers, and hanging rails, we can go the extra mile for you and add LED lighting, shoe drawers, tie hangers, etc. Literally, anything you want to go into your wardrobe, we can add. Feel free to contact our specialist and ask for a consultation on how to fit everything you want into your sliding door wardrobe.

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Why Choose Urban Wardrobes

With so many manufacturers of bespoke sliding wardrobes on the market, it’s really hard to choose the right one. Check below what makes us different.

Tell us if you want a contemporary or traditional bespoke fitted wardrobe, and our specialists will design it for you from scratch. You can choose any wardrobe door design and fully customisable interior options to go with it.

We offer a straightforward quotation process with none of the ‘discount smoke and mirror strategy’. We never “beat other quotes” simply because ‘others’ don’t offer the same quality of fitted wardrobes and service as we do.

Choose your sliding wardrobe door finish based on your design preferences and budget. You can go for mirrors, colour MFC panels, sprayed and veneered MDF doors, fabric or wallpaper doors. Just give us a call, and our specialist will consult you on all available options.

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