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Sloping ceiling sliding wardrobe Infisso range, Enfield
Coloured glass in thin profile, sliding system with non-visible tracks. 3m high ceilings.

Location Enfield
Budget £4,300
Finish Glass doors in thin aluminium frame. Woodgrain interior.
Space Loft bedroom
Check out our new sliding wardrobe project for the room with sloped ceilings. The height of this sliding wardrobe is 3 meters and the total width is more than 4 meters! Not a lot of companies in UK will manage to produce and install so massive sliding door wardrobe fitted to absolute perfection. The internal design of the wardrobe is fully bespoke as well.

This wardrobe installation has managed to successfully incorporate the sloping ceiling, space that would be wasted in most standard wardrobe configurations. It is also floor to ceiling height so again as much potential storage as possible has been created. A sloping ceiling dealt with by the right company such as ourselves becomes more of a feature than an awkward problem, we have extensive experience with many different room layouts and our specialist team can transform your vision into a practical storage solution that you will be delighted with.

Urban Wardrobes gives you the flexibility to pick out your own colours and finish. Here the chosen finish is very modern, sleek and sophisticated; you can tell the client enjoys the minimalist look as they have opted for a smooth fronted wardrobe. Handles can be very distracting when you want something simple and unfussy to match the clients personality and outlook.

The wardrobe offers plenty of room to accommodate the clients belongings allowing the reminder of their bedroom to become a tranquil uncluttered space. The internal structure is very impressive, a series of shelves, drawers and hanging space that could only be achieved with such an exciting bespoke design. There is enough room to segregate clothes into separate areas depending on use (special occasions and seasonal wear). Such arrangements can really save time in the morning, everything is well laid out and easy to find. Well organised wardrobes really do make life easier; for one you’re less likely to have an “I can’t find it” crisis before you need to rush off out the house for work!

The sliding doors deal with the space most effectively; from the picture you can see the bed is located quite close to the wardrobe so that would have been impractical if you had opening out doors.

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Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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