Infisso -minimalistic frame sliding door wardrobes

Scandinavian sliding door wardrobe combining white & wood materials

Project details

Location London, Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex
Space Bedrooms, Living rooms, Office, Kids rooms etc.
Finish Combination of white & wood materials inside the thin aluminium profile
Price From £1,200+VAT incl. installation per meter width

Infisso is our new range of sliding door wardrobes with absolutely stunning combination of white & wood and thin aluminium profile. The internal design is fully configurable. The carcass can be made from oak, elm, pine, walnut, beech, ash. The doors have a really thin aluminum frame which prevent them from bending. The profile can be provided in white, silver and champagne colours.

The Infisso thin frame wardrobe is very contemporary; if you are hoping for a modern design this type of wardrobe is ideal for you. The overall effect is more seamless as the wardrobe blends in with the rest of the room rather than dominating it.

Wardrobes are a practical necessity but these days you are spoilt for choice with finishes and frames, so they can be so much more than a functional solution. A minimalist interior can really improve your mood, it’s a good idea to reduce the clutter and get a wardrobe that then actually enhances the feeling of space and light much like this one.

The Scandinavian aspect provides an attractive finish, suited to those who like their bedroom to be a glamorous haven. The finish seems to reflect light without being quite as revealing as a glass-fronted wardrobe. The thin handles are tastefully incorporated into the wardrobe adding to the streamlined appearance.

These types of wardrobe are particularly fashionable at the moment for those wanting to give the impression of more space. When you look into them they make the room appear bigger stopping you from feeling confined (even in the smallest of bedrooms). As you can see from the pictures this is a very neutral choice for a wardrobe. I think bold colours should be avoided in the bedroom, as it’s a place of complete relaxation.

In terms of durability the frames still have a discrete aluminium frame, which fortunately prevent them from bending whilst still remaining stylish. The internal design is fully configurable so you can customise it to your personal storage needs. You can decide to have more internal shelves, incorporate a shoe rack or simply stick to hanging space. The wardrobe carcass can be made from oak, elm, pine, walnut, beech or ash, allowing you to select the option most suited to your existing furniture preferences.

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