10 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom
Have a small room and yet want it to be furnished well? That’s the desire of every homemaker. Here are a few tips on how to have less for more, because less in fact is more and the bedroom would look spacious too.

Opt for a smaller bed– Do you actually need a huge king or queen size bed? Reduce it andhave a smaller one for more space around!

Do you need such large storage options? – Get smaller clothes dresses and armoires which would take less floor space and give you more room to move about.

Futons help – A multifunctional piece of furniture is what you’d need to help save space sofa cum bed for example.

Closets should be organised – Vertical space within the closet should be checked, because it helps store more when the organising is done right.

Allow more natural sunlight – Do away with the clutter, and allow the windows to bring in more natural sunlight. With natural light around, the room looks larger and brighter-creating an illusion of space.

Use the walls – Walls are meant for decals and photos only, use them to create storage space- sleek and slim wardrobes for the walls and mirrors on them, create more space and an illusion of the same.

Murphy beds – Have a bed attached to the wall, and pull it out when needed. This gives you the entire floor to work on when the bed is placed back to the wall.

Do you need that large entertainment zone? The room is small, so think which entertainment piece you need in the room- television or gaming system- save the real estate area of your bedroom!

Multifunctional furnishings – Buy 3 in 1 or multifunctional pieces- it stores a range of items and you wouldn’t be blocking valuable room space too.

Storage can be done in other rooms too – Maybe your winter coats can go to the attic for now; or seasonal clothing could be stored elsewhere. Hall closets are apt for storage needs, freeing space around the bedroom.

Have more ideas on how to save space in your bedroom - give us a shout!

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