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Why we don't offer sketches made by pencil ?
It’s a quite common situation when during the design visit our designer is not able to offer the most appropriate solution for your fitted furniture. Especially when it’s an awkward space
Storage Solutions for your Bedroom
It can be challenging keeping everything tidy in a bedroom, especially if you are restricted with drawer and hanging space. It is tempting to start boxing up personal belongings to donate to charity shops just to regain your own space again.
10 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Bedroom
Have a small room and yet want it to be furnished well? That’s the desire of every homemaker. Here are a few tips on how to have less for more, because less in fact is more and the bedroom would look spacious too.
How to Maximize Every Inch of a Small Closet
If you thought your small closet was not used to its max- you weren’t alone thinking the same. Here are a few tips on how to max every inch of the small closet you own.
Love Your Living Room: How to Take Advantage of a Big Space
Not all of us are lucky to have rooms large enough for a BALL – but if you do, you should fallin love with it. Work and arrange things out the right way – your large space would turn into a cosy den of love in no time.
3 types of closets to choose from
While planning the designs and the styles of your interiors, it becomes absolutely essential to choose a proper closet. However, before choosing the closet you have to understand the differences between various types of closets.
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Our Projects
Find below the list of our most recent & fully bespoke projects
ach project is unique and we look forward to collaborate with you in the future.
Copperleaf acrylic finish doors dressing room, Loughton
The subtle metallic tones make this dressing area a very glamourous addition to this bedroom. Choos..
Sprayed Windsor range wardrobes, Hampstead NW2
This fully fitted wardrobe in master bedroom is sprayed in All White (Farrow & Ball) colour with..
Westbourne Terrace, Paddington W2
Introducing the huge fitted hinged wardrobe with glass doors which was manufactured, painted and ins..