Alcove units, Vetro range, Wimbledon

Made-to measure alcove units with sprayed mirrored doors, cornice and bullnose skirting

Project details

Location Wimbledon, SW19
Space Master Bedroom
Finish Sprayed mirrored doors Vetro range, sprayed bullnose skirting and cornice
Price £5,000 incl. VAT and installation

In the upscale London neighborhood of Wimbledon, space is at a premium, which is why more and more homeowners are turning to fitted wardrobes in Wimbledon, SW19 to make the most of their available space. Fitted wardrobes are an ideal way to make use of every inch of available storage space, while bespoke cupboards can be designed to fit even the most awkward corners and spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a sleek and modern look, or prefer a more traditional feel, Wimbledon’s fitted furniture experts can help you design and install the perfect storage solution for your needs. So why settle for off-the-shelf storage solutions when you can have a beautiful, bespoke storage system that is tailor-made for your home? If you live in SW19, contact Urban Wardrobes today and start making the most of your space.

Despite the fact our Vetro range works perfect for the projects with the sliding doors, it can be used for alcove units. The max door height is usually around 280cm. The height of the ceilings in current project is more then 3 meters so additional row of top cupboards was used. All our wardrobes are fully bespoke and made to measure.

Choosing wardrobes with mirrors has lots of advantages to the overall feel of a bedroom. Not only does it have the obvious functional benefit of enabling you to see how you look before you leave for work, it can also make a room appear bigger, brighter and warmer as the mirrors can reflect natural light from available windows. The use of mirrors is a clever technique to transform your space and it really works here.

The framing of the mirrors gives the wardrobe lots of visual appeal. It looks more decorative with the mirrors broken up into segments and adds to the overall charm of the room. This aspect of the wardrobe design might also work better for those following the principles of feng shui as it means the mirror does not appear too big for the room which could impact your energy levels in the evening.

The room has a high ceiling but we have made the most of what is usually unused space by allowing for another cupboard at the very top of the wardrobe. Maximising available storage in this manner means you can reduce clutter in the room and just have a few of your favourite belongings on display as you can see is illustrated effectively in these pictures. Our interior configuration is very flexible you can choose what matters most to you, whether you need shoe racks, more hanging space or a certain number of drawers we can discuss your needs and find the ideal solution.

This bedroom feels quite traditional but has a simple elegance that really works. The colours of the walls are muted and calming. The light-coloured outline of the wardrobe helps them stand out from the walls. The fireplace is one of the main features of the room and having a wardrobe on each side helps showcase it whilst utilising the chimney recesses. It is a seamless design that works effectively with the rest of the room.

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