Skura – fitted wardrobe’s range with leather like exterior

Leather like doors with brass knurled handles

Project details

Location London, Essex, Kent, Sussex
Space Bedrooms, Living room, Walk in wardrobes
Finish Leather like finish, brass handles
Price From £1,150+VAT per linear meter incl. installation

Skura is our new range of fitted wardrobes with Leather like doors (3 colours available) and knurled brass handles (available in different length). The carcass can be done either form lighter leather, same colour leather as the doors or any other plain colour.

Texture plays an important role in interiors. One way you can incorporate it is through these Skura leather effect doors. The unique texture of leather makes for an interesting tactile design element. These aspects are usually designed to stimulate the senses. The tactile wardrobe finish can make your environment more appealing.

Leather is often associated with luxury and status, so having leather effect wardrobe doors helps with the illusion of grandeur and elegance in a room. Plus, as these are leather like rather than real leather they will appeal to our environmentally responsible clients. Many of whom want the luxury of leather whilst remaining animal friendly. The classic t bar shape of the handles are a stylish addition to the wardrobe. Brass is a warm material that looks very lavish. It is becoming more popular now after previously being considered too traditional and dated. However, the clean lines of the handle make it fit in perfectly in this modern interior.

Leather has quite a distinct smell which some might find unpleasant. Using leather like materials for your wardrobe means you get to enjoy the dappled appearance without worrying about the rich earthy smell lingering in the air. The room avoids being too dark with the light flooding in through the window and the fact the client has used a light coloured rug and headboard. The whole room looks very opulent and expensive. It gives the room the feel of a luxury hotel. The nightstands only have flowers on display, the room is uncluttered and has a few statement pieces with the big headboard and beautiful wardrobes. They have dressed the bed so it looks inviting and made the most of ambient lighting from the wall sconces. The dark colours make the room seem very intimate.

Using metals for the handles and the wall sconces add some shine and personality to the room. The greenery on the nightstands add more vibrancy. So even though there are no personal possessions on display or colourful artwork the room is anything but boring. It is very tasteful and cohesive, all the style elements working together beautifully.

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