Prisma fitted wardrobes with lacquered fretwork doors with mirrors

Fretwork sprayed doors with mirrors

Suitable Bedrooms, Walk in wardrobes, Living rooms
Price from £1,500+VAT per linear meter
Finish Lacquered finish (any paint colour) with mirrored fretwork doors

Prisma is our new range of lacquered fretwork doors with mirrored inserts. The doors work well with any type of knobs. It comes as no surprise that geometric designs like fretwork are such a popular trend in interiors at the moment. The herringbone parquet flooring is another example of a geometric design, which again enhances the visual appeal of these rooms. Fretwork comes from the French word freter which means lattice. The skill of fretwork began over 3000 years ago in Egypt. The intricate fretwork design is a standout feature for each room. The wardrobe doors are very decorative and really define the space. There is no ignoring their beauty or the statement they make.

The ornamental nature of fretwork also adds more character to the room. The wardrobes really do radiate sophistication and style. I think the rooms would be missing something without them. White wardrobes might have looked too minimalist. If you are hoping to make your walk in wardrobe or bedroom more glamorous then you cannot go wrong incorporating fretwork. Keeping with the theme our customer has also added a chandelier, for another touch of glamour. Additionally, finishing touches like that give the room personality. Perhaps hinting that the owners appreciate the finer things in life. Alongside the chandelier there are spotlights above the wardrobes. These accent lights draw your attention to the true splendour of the wardrobes.

Mirrored wardrobes always manage to make a room look so much bigger. They help give an illusion of space and depth. Daylight is reflected back around the room, so it appears much larger. Each of the rooms appear very bright and airy, even the smaller walk in wardrobe. On a practical level mirrors are also useful for checking out outfits before heading out to work. It’s not always just about reflecting light. In terms of the colour scheme the grey walls work well with the crisp white frame of the mirrored doors. Grey is a versatile colour that suits rooms with plenty of natural light. The relatively light wood flooring choice and natural wood wardrobe interiors ensure the room still looks warm and welcoming. The artwork on the wall also adds a splash of colour and catches your eye.

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Price. We offer straightforward quotation process with none of the 'discount smoke and mirror strategy'. 

Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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