Sprayed circular fretwork mirrored doors

Suitable Bedrooms, Living room
Price From £1,500+VAT per linear meter incl. installation
Finish Lacquered MDF fretwork mirrored doors, any RAL code
Featuring a circular fret detail, the mirrored Luna wardrobe marries contemporary style with high quality UK craftsmanship to deliver a modern yet classic design. The elegant circular fretwork design adds lots of decorative value to the room. It combines a vintage look with a modern twist. It really does create quite an impact.

The interlocking circles are very graceful. Shapes can have a big effect on how a room feels. In terms of interior design circles are often considered feminine because of the curves. They are thought to add comfort and good energy into your room. They are all about possibilities.

Circles work especially well in this room as it has the harsh angles from a sloping ceiling. Apparently, circles make this type of room feel more fluid as your eyes are drawn to them and the flowing movement. Circles soften the hard edges in this room. The room itself is very bright and fresh. The white walls and furniture make the room appear bigger. But it does not feel cold despite the expanse of white. This is because of the warmer colour of the dark flooring and the wardrobe interiors. The client has also incorporated textiles with the bedspread and cushions to soften the overall look. One idea would be to add an accent colour to the furnishings and blind. A strong colour to work alongside the all-white theme would help provide more of a contrast. Good choices to try are blue, red or black.

If you are not sure which to pick perhaps check out the colour psychology in interior design. Just like shapes can have a considerable effect on design so can your colour choices. For example, blue is calming to the point it can improve your blood pressure. Red is a very warm colour and can add more energy to a room. Whilst black is very dramatic and will really stand out against a white background.

The fretwork design adds lots of interest to the room. It stops it being devoid of personality. This room does not have much wall space to add artwork so the wardrobe itself has become a work of art. We also offer the Prisma range with squares and rectangles these shapes are identify more with power and strength. So, depending on your vision for the room we will have a suitable fretwork design to compliment it.

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