Scandi range lacquered wardrobe with sitting area
Doors lacquered in Paint & Paper library colour with real oak recessed handles
Location Twickenham, London
Price £7,000+VAT incl. installation
Finish Lacquered doors with recessed real wood stained handles
Space Living room
A slight modernisation of the standard Scandi handle has been requested by our customer and you can see the result is amazing. The doors have been sprayed as usual with the walnut routed handles. The cushions have been produced by our company with the storage underneath and chest of drawers with push to open fronts.

A sitting area is always an asset in a bedroom, somewhere you can relax with a book. Feeling all cosy and comfortable. But there might not always be adequate floor space to accommodate a chair. Usually deciding to have a seating area in your home would be a compromise. You would have to sacrifice space to do so.

However, by building a sitting area above storage cupboards you get the best of both worlds. With multi-use furniture space is perfectly utilised. You can tuck the clutter out of sight and you still have an area to unwind after a busy day. As everything is set back against the wall, the room still has ample floor space. So, you do not have to forego anything to get the bedroom you have always wanted. Not needing additional furniture makes this room appear much bigger. The rug adds warmth to the room and there is plenty of space to place it in this efficient layout.

The clean lines of the design are very modern. Recessed handles are popular if you want a contemporary feel to your bedroom. The style looks sleeker without handles, which can be much more prominent to the eye. Although the wardrobe does have darker recessed handles which can become a focal point.

The royal blue colour scheme of the room is quite dark. The walls do make quite a statement. It is a bold choice. However, it is balanced well by the light ceiling colour and bright white tailor-made furniture which lighten the mood and the intensity. The colour royal blue has royal connections so it can make a room look quite formal. The fact the room has a mirror to reflect light and ceiling spotlights stops the room being too atmospheric.

The inbuilt storage is very functional. A bedroom needs to be a tranquil space to improve sleep quality. Limiting possessions to the wardrobes, cupboards and drawers makes it a relaxing retreat.

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Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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