Premium White Matt doors with real wood handles. Perfectly fitted to any space.

Price From £1,000+VAT per linear meter. Delivery and installation are included.
Finish Matt doors (10 colours available). Real wood handles (available in 3 colours).

Nordic is our new range of wardrobes available in 10 different colours for the doors and 3 colour options for the handles. It will be fitted to an absolute perfection and all our wardrobes are manufactured only based on the measurements of your room. We don't stock any pre-made units which means the space will be fully utilised.

If you decide to go for the white Nordic wardrobe doors as shown in these pictures, they do blend seamlessly into the background in an all-white room. As a result of this white wardrobes do make bedrooms appear more spacious, clean and fresh. They are a blank canvas where you can pick out other accent colours for the room.

In this way white wardrobes are classic and timeless. You can just update the furnishings quite easily when you feel like a change. Accent colours do not always have to be a bold contrast either, you can choose to go for greys which will help soften the white backdrop. Muted colours can help make a bedroom more relaxing, or you can try a real pop of colour, with bright red, orange or blue.

The Nordic name of the wardrobe range is very fitting as it is in keeping with Scandinavian interiors. This type of interior style is all about minimalism and simplicity. They like to be clutter free which is much easier to achieve when you have wall to ceiling storage space with our bespoke fitted wardrobes. This type of interior also focuses on using natural materials, like the real wood found in the handles.

The handles certainly stand out and capture your attention. They add some interest to the space. In the expanse of white they really do take centre stage. They stop the room from being too stark or sterile. Made from real wood the handles have a luxury look and feel. Plus, there uniformed alignment almost feels like a form of modern art.

The handles also serve to help warm up an all-white room. Combined with the carpet, bed runner and blinds all these features make the room comforting and welcoming. It is important you put extra thought into the styling of all-white rooms to stop them appearing cold and lacking personality. Other ideas to try can include adding plants, metallics (copper and brass can be very effective) and colourful artwork.

why choose us

Solution. Our specialists put up significant amount of effort behind every design they come up with. From the contemporary walk in wardrobe, bespoke sliding wardrobe, or custom-made kitchen, we leave no stone unturned to make you feel satisfied with the overall project.

Price. We offer straightforward quotation process with none of the 'discount smoke and mirror strategy'. 

Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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In most cases we can provide you with an estimate price without visiting your place. To do that we will need rough measurements of the space and the wardrobe's range you are after. Showroom visit is highly recommended.
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