Florence sprayed floating sliding doors

Sprayed doors with routered handles. Floating sliding doors system.

Suitable Sliding doors
Price £1,200+VAT per meter width
Finish Sprayed/Lacquered MDF
Description Florence is a range of sliding door wardrobes which looks neat and very contemporary. With almost invisible routered handles the sprayed doors can be installed flush with the walls. With this range of wardrobes we use a German-made sliding system with soft close mechanisms which operate smoothly and silently.
This particularly range can come in different colour (any RAL code will be accepted) and the way the handles were routered can be changed. Below you will find a couple of our projects with different colours, internal layouts and handles options.

Isn’t it amazing to understand the nuances of fine craftsmanship, pieces that come by to make the home look cosy, royal and finesse? If that is what you have always dreamt of having at home or around, you have got to think of the amazing sliding doors wardrobe as the next best storage item for your home. Right across the nation, customers have made a beeline for this beauty, and all because of the immense functionality and broad-based aestheticism it has brought forth. Height of 3 meters and width of 4 meters, the sliding doors, are apt for medium to big homes. The really massive bedroom wardrobe fits like a glove for many big homes, so if you have been wondering about doing up the bedroom and wouldn’t want too many pieces of storage furniture around, think about the sliding doors wardrobe as an answer.

With routered handles to its name and the spray painted in lamp grey colours to suit every decor around, you wouldn’t go wrong having the sliding doors wardrobe for you home. Yes, indeed it would match the mise-en-scene and the ambience around, and would be highly functional as well. Think about the massive wardrobe as a one stop avenue for all your storage needs. From clothes to shoes, books to many other items, linen and blankets, and all that you can manage to shove in, the wardrobe in all its grace would keep them in safe and sound. What we particularly like about the massive wardrobe with sliding doors is the linen finish carcass. Homemakers are waiting with baited breath for their deliveries, which would happen sooner than before.

Customizations are possible for the whole piece of furniture too. Speak to Urban Wardrobes and choose the way you want the quirky piece to fit in. Give them a call and one of the customer managers would be happy to help

why choose us

Solution. Our specialists put up significant amount of effort behind every design they come up with. From the contemporary walk in wardrobe, bespoke sliding wardrobe, or custom-made kitchen, we leave no stone unturned to make you feel satisfied with the overall project.

Price. We offer straightforward quotation process with none of the 'discount smoke and mirror strategy'. 

Finishes. Our sprayed and veneered doors with integrated handles look amazing. Visit our showroom to check our finishes and discuss your project in greater depth.

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