Spesso range with integrated real wood or metal handles

Square integrated real wood handles. Stained oak or walnut. Sprayed exterior.

Project details

Location South East England, Essex, London
Space Dressing rooms, Bedrooms etc.
Finish Sprayed doors, square real wood or metal integrated handles
Price From £2,000+VAT per linear meter

Spesso was inspired by our Scandi range. The combination of sprayed doors and real wood routered handles is a real trend nowadays so we decided to give our customers horizontally routered handles inside chunky sprayed doors. The doors and the carcass are fully customisable and you can choose the colour of the paint, the colour of the grooved handles and of course the material and texture for the carcass.

The contrast of the white and the rich dark wood handles is quite dramatic. It gives the room a focal point and captures your eye. Perfect if you want a modern theme that is visually appealing, the bold handles and the light brown walls stop the wardrobe from blending away into the background.

The handles keep it interesting and have become part of the overall inspiration for the room, with the dark wood colour continued throughout the remaining furniture, furnishings and wardrobe interior. It helps the room flow as the rest of the room works around the impressive wardrobe. The wardrobe really transforms the room, giving it more character otherwise the room might have been too ordinary.

The lights above the wardrobe are very practical making it easier to pick out outfits but also serve to create an impact, further reinforcing the fact that the wardrobe is the main feature in the room and needs to be displayed.

Artificial light is something that should be considered if a room does not have much in the way of natural light to help it look a little brighter. The earthy browns also keep the room looking warm and cosy so this bedroom is a welcoming stylish retreat.

The wardrobe interior is designed to maximise space saving with every part utilised. Storage is very important in bedrooms; it keeps this bedroom comfortable and on a practical level is much easier to clean. It is important to get in a good routine clearing away items every day and having fitted furniture like this to home everything simplifies the process.

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