Carina fitted spray painted cupboards

Lacquered wardrobes with recessed handles

Project details

Location South East England
Space Bedrooms, Hallways, dressings rooms, lofts, concealed ensuite entrance
Finish Lacquered finish (any paint colour) with grooved handles
Price from £1,400+VAT per meter width (linear meter)

Installing the furniture in flats should consider internal space peculiarities and customer needs. Carina fitted spray-painted cupboards are the best choice to spare space in a room, especially when the flat is not too spacious. Our manufacturing company offers unique design Carina cupboards.

Fitted Cupboards Main Advantages

Fitted spray-painted cupboards have several undeniable advantages.
The built-in cupboards allow you to use the room’s space. It is installed in a niche, which replaces the walls. We significantly reduce material consumption and increase rooms’ interior space.

The built-in spray-painted cupboard adjoins walls, a floor, and a ceiling and considerably facilitates room cleaning. It is suitable for rooms with multi-level suspended ceilings. To refresh the room’s interior, you only need to change the doors, and the mounting system will remain the same.

It is universal: depending on the filling equipment, you can adapt the inside of the spray-painted cupboard to store clothing items, sports equipment, books, tools, and shoes.

The ability to order the manufacture of individual ones gives a chance to make optimal use of the room space, choosing the most suitable dimensions, design, and configuration for a room, corridor, balcony, dressing room, office, etc.

A built-in spray-painted cupboard saves the budget using the premises’ walls, floor, ceiling as side walls, so the task is only to install the rails, shelves, and rods and choose the correct facade.

Variety of style solutions. The designer’s imagination only restricts it. Built-in cupboards can be rectangular with one or more moving doors, corner versions with radius facades – concave and curved, and open rectangular and radius shelves.

Convenient location and spaciousness. Built-in custom-made cupboards can be used efficiently in the most inconvenient spaces. Capacity is ensured by clever design and selection of storage places, which are shelves, retractable baskets, hooks, boxes, rods, and pantographs. That is why our customers chose fitted cupboards.

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At Urban Wardrobes, we use 100% sustainable materials in our bespoke wardrobes. Clients receive a free consultation from designers on the cabinet’s choice of materials, components, color, and style. All of the company’s products come with a ten-year warranty. Our furniture manufacturing company is based in London.

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