White sprayed doors, walnut worktop and frame

Tempo range wardrobe with dressing table

Project details

Location Stoke Newington, N16
Space Master Bedroom
Finish Sprayed doors with routered handles - our Tempo range. Walnut worktop and frame around the wardrobe.
Price £4,200+VAT

Another happy customer who decided to go with our Tempo fitted wardrobes range of made-to-measure wardrobes. The carcass of the wardrobe as well as frame & worktop are made from Walnut. As you can see from the pictures below the wardrobe was designed & manufactured considering all nuances of the space – sloping ceiling, radiator etc. The doors are spray painted in White colour with grooved handles. The same shape of handles was used for the drawer’s fronts. The interior is fully custom with inset aluminium handles for the drawers.

By using Urban Wardrobes our client has not wasted any valuable space in their room, adding a mirror the sloping ceiling becomes more of an attractive characteristic making the most of an otherwise awkward aspect of the room.

The placement of the custom sized mirror by the window also makes the room appear bigger and brighter making the most of the natural light.

We have extensive experience of working in varied layouts and can always find a solution that brings out the best features of a room and offers the most functional and stylish design for you.

The Walnut outline of the wardrobe effectively frames the white door panels and stops them from blending into the walls. The rich colour adds some warmth and prevents the room from appearing cold and empty. The client can be quite flexible with the colour of their furnishings to bring out their own personality and preferences.

The grooved handles are very discrete and contemporary, more minimalist which suits the wardrobe well. It helps with the flow as it’s more streamlined.

The consistency of using the same shaped handles for the drawers as the wardrobe and with the frame and drawer top both being Walnut helps bring everything together. It’s part of achieving a more harmonious integration.

The interior of the wardrobe is laid out well; plenty of room with a good combination of drawers, hanging space, shoe racks and shelves to satisfy anyone wanting to get their life in order and in turn restore a sense of calm. Clutter can finally be controlled and everything organised.

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