The Boutique Closet, Swiss Cottage

Italian fabric wood carcass dressing room

Project details

Location Surrey
Space Dressing room
Finish Real wood veneer carcass with sprayed elements
Price £10,000+VAT for two bedrooms incl. installation

What’s your favorite room in your house? Would you answer well it’s my closet or walk in wardrobe? Most probably you would not. A wardrobe is a very important piece of furniture in any home because it’s numerous benefits. Many people do not appreciate wardrobes but it is amazing to know the number of things you can do with your wardrobe. You can enjoy the benefits of a wardrobe regardless of whether it is inbuilt or movable.

What is a walk in wardrobe or closet? It is usually a small and at the same time an enclosed part of the house used for storing or hanging clothes, placing accessories, various items and other necessities.

Nowadays in modern home, walk in wardrobe are usually built-in component of the house. It built by professionals. In day to day life we use our walk in wardrobe almost two times a day. Truly, it is like an indispensable part of our home landscape. It is a must. It is suggested that walk in wardrobe or closet was a major reason why people move to the suburb after the Second World War Sensible enough.

The customization of the modern walk in wardrobes in its present state is already an art in itself. Not only an art it is a thriving business. Countless companies are engaged in this line of service catering to the individual clients or customers’ needs. Multiple factors such as taste, space, overall home design, one’s budget play a part in choosing a professionally or customize built wardrobe.

You can store a lot of things in the wardrobe ranging from clothes to beddings. You can hang your sweaters, jackets, dresses, shirts and suits on the clothing rod. Examples of beddings that can be stored in a wardrobe include blankets and pillows. You can also store your under garments in the wardrobe, It is possible to store a lot of things in your wardrobe depending on its size. A wardrobe protects your clothes and beddings from insects, humidity and daylight due to its air-tight environment.

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