Real wood veneer walk in wardrobe

Traditional shaker style dressing rooms with lacquered doors and visible oak grain

Project details

Location Bromley, London
Space Dressing room
Finish Lacquered real wood veneer doors
Price £15,000 incl. installation

For a fresh, warm, walk in wardrobe, look no further than Bromley area. The finished wood countertops offer an interesting break from the usual smoothed stone or marble.

The cream colour of the cabinetry and its brushed stainless steel fixtures display a clean, cheerful atmosphere that is very inviting, while the cabinets and drawers offer plenty of storage for utensils, cookware, and ingredients. You can even have a space for all your cookbooks, making sure you stay inspired when cooking.

Small lights are fixed into the ceiling over the countertops, so you will always have plenty of light to oversee your cooking. Contrasting boldly with the rest of the kitchen and surely its centerpiece, the black stove top and oven with its polished stainless steel accents is large and well equipped enough for the biggest of family gatherings.

At the center of the kitchen sits an island with marble countertop and black, square stools, perfect for a quick, casual meal, a buffet, or more space for meal preparations. The island has additional drawers and cabinets for storage. For larger parties, the additional dining table, made to match the countertops, is sure to be a conversation piece.

Of course, any part of this layout can be changed, and we at Urban Wardrobes offer a variety of materials and colours to make your perfect kitchen. All of our materials are eco-friendly, and anything we make comes with a ten year warranty. We are based in London, so if you would like a free design consultation, give us a call or book online now! We can show you a full range of samples and draw up a design to suit your taste, space, and budget. As always, we offer a Price Match Guarantee, so if you get a lower quote somewhere else, just send it in, and we promise to beat it! Be sure to give the rest of our wonderful portfolio a look!

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