Notting Hill fitted wardrobes project

Study room/guest bedroom wardrobes fitted around the sofa bed, overbed cupboards

Project details

Location Notting Hill
Space Study Room, Master Bedroom
Finish Scandi sprayed doors with grooved wooden handles
Price £20,000+VAT incl. installation

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional storage solution for your bedroom or study room, then fitted wardrobes are definitely worth considering. They not only provide ample storage space but also add a touch of elegance to your interior design. Recently, the Urban Wardrobes fitted company installed 3 stunning fitted wardrobes for a customer at Notting Hill, London. Below in this article we will try to explain the main benefits of the built in tailor made wardrobes in your master bedroom and study rooms.

Firstly, the study room fitted wardrobe build around the sofa bed is a clever and practical way to save space. The wardrobes are designed to fit perfectly around the existing furniture, which not only maximizes the storage space but also creates a seamless and cohesive look. This design feature is particularly useful in small rooms or apartments where space is at a premium. With this fitted wardrobe, the customer now has a tidy and organized study room that can easily transform into a guest room with the pull-out sofa bed.

Secondly, the master bedroom fitted wardrobe with built-in TV is a luxurious and modern addition to any home. The TV is seamlessly integrated into the middle of the wardrobe, which not only looks sleek but also saves space. Our customer can now enjoy Netflix movies or Premier League football match right from the comfort of their own bed. This fitted wardrobe also offers plenty of storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories, which means no more cluttered and disorganized bedrooms.

Finally, the master bedroom fitted overbed cupboards are another smart storage solution for any bedroom. The cupboards are installed above the bed, which is a great use of vertical space. The cupboards are perfect for storing bedding, towels, or any other items that need to be within reach but don’t necessarily need to be on display. With this fitted wardrobe, the customer now has even more storage space without sacrificing any floor space.

So, what are the benefits of fitted wardrobes in general? Firstly, they are custom-made to fit your specific requirements and space, which means no wasted space or awkward gaps. Secondly, they can be designed to match your existing interior design, which means a seamless and cohesive look throughout your home. Thirdly, they offer more storage space than freestanding wardrobes, which means a more organized and clutter-free home. Finally, fitted wardrobes can also add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

In conclusion, the Urban Wardrobes fitted company has done a fantastic job installing these 3 stunning fitted wardrobes for their customer at Notting Hill, London. The study room fitted wardrobe build around the sofa bed, master bedroom fitted wardrobe with built-in TV, and master bedroom fitted overbed cupboards are all great examples of how fitted wardrobes can transform any home. If you’re considering fitted wardrobes for your own home, then don’t hesitate to contact Urban Wardrobes for a consultation.

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