Scandinavian style wardrobe with built in Murphy bed

Folding down wall bed incorporated in nordic style cupboard

Project details

Location Marylebone, London
Space Loft guest bedroom, office space
Finish Scandinavian style exterior, lacquered doors with integrated wooden handles
Price £6,500+VAT incl. installation

Made to measure wardrobe made from Hacienda White melamine board, fitted to absolute perfection inside the customer’s flat on Canary Wharf, E14. The wardrobe consists of the 3 sections: 3 drawers and shelves in the right hand side section, hanging space in the middle and left hand side sections. The wardrobe was designed, manufactured and installed by Urban Wardrobes team.

Are you looking for a custom-made wardrobe that fits all your clothes, shoes, jewelry & accessories, uplifts the aesthetics of your bedroom and fits your bill? The Hacienda White 3 Doors does all that and more! Urban Wardrobes has carefully planned and designed this closet so that it fits into every household. This closet features three separate compartments, each with its own unique storage capability. The use of white might not seem potent at first, but it highlights the colors in its immediate vicinity. This custom-made wardrobe oozes elegance and is a valued addition to any room.

The closet has three separate storage areas, one each for your clothes, books/accessories, shoes, or anything else that you might like. Separate areas for hangers along with shelves and drawers are in place while the storage volume can be pre-specified. You must have suffered from insufficient space syndrome in the past, where you wanted to go splurging on the heavy discount that your favorite designer was offering, but couldn’t risk it as your closets were already overflowing. With Hacienda White 3 Doors, you do not have to worry about those overflowing closets anymore, as everything you possess will fit effortlessly in the new compartments.

The team at Urban Wardrobes will design, create and fit the wardrobe in place and all you need to do is figure out what you want to do with all the extra space that is suddenly at your disposal! Massive wardrobes are the one-stop solution to all your storage woes, and they in turn save huge amounts of space. The best part about this closet is its wall-to-wall dimension, which ensures that no space remains unutilized! Living in a small apartment? No worries, as the guys at Urban Wardrobes will take down the measurements of your apartment and come up with a suitable solution.

built in wardrobes
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