Modern handleless lacquered wardrobe, Uxbridge

Integrated handles have different size. Exterior is fully sprayed

Project details

Location Uxbridge, London
Space Master Bedroom
Finish Lacquered handleless doors, Tempo range
Price £8,000+VAT incl. installation

This modern room’s designs featuring the fully made to measure wardrobe with handleless doors lacquered in white colour and woodgrain shelves and frame. At Urban Wardrobes there is no such thing as an awkward space, just a design opportunity. As you can see from the pictures this wardrobe cleverly incorporates the sloping ceiling and makes the most of the available space.

Rather than write off that extra space in their home the client now has an attractive shelving unit and additional storage to enjoy. Additionally, as the wardrobe extends from the floor to the ceiling it also maximises space. This can all help free a room from clutter. Rooms with sloped ceilings can often be quite restrictive. You have to think carefully about where you place furniture to utilise standing space. But with everything organised in your beautiful wardrobe you do not need to worry about adding many extra items of furniture in the room. This means you have more floor space to work with. Plus, you have more flexibility with regards to the layout of your room which stops it feeling cramped.

The slimline frame of this particular wardrobe means most of what you get is actual storage. A bedroom should be tidy to be inviting and this wardrobe makes it much easier to achieve that. The shelving unit helps give a space dedicated to the smaller items usually found in bedrooms such as books, photographs and jewellery. By keeping them in one area you can keep your remaining surfaces clear. This keeps visual clutter to a minimum.

The light coloured walls enhance the feeling of space. It is a good idea in a sloping room to paint the walls and the ceiling in the same colour. This helps reduce the emphasis on the slope as it blends the features together. The darker flooring helps the room still remain cosy and is a welcome contrast from the profusion of white. The handleless doors blend in with the walls, so they look more unobtrusive. Everything works together to create a fresh and airy space.

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