Loft room walk in wardrobe

Walnut interior, spray painted lips

Project details

Location Clapham
Space Dressing Room, loft room and under-eaves storage
Finish Walnut wood with lacquered lips
Price £7,000+VAT incl. installation

This lovely walk in wardrobe was produce from exclusive Italian fabric (linen) Xylo Cleaf range. The customer was passionate about her 19th century dressing table and the main task of our designers was to match the colour of this table. There was a dead space corner in this room so we had to design our wardrobes so the customer can use it to store some non-seasonal clothing.

When you decide to use a specialist wardrobe company like Urban Wardrobes you have the luxury of designing your wardrobe perfectly to compliment the existing furniture in your bedroom. Everything can co-ordinate flawlessly in a way that would never be possible with off-the-shelf purchases.

In this case the customer was passionate about her 19th century dressing table and the main task of our designers was to find a colour for the wardrobe that would be sympathetic to the treasured dressing table. The exclusive XyloCleaf range was an excellent choice as it is very functional and stylish. Urban Wardrobes make a point of only choosing high quality furniture components like these bespoke panels from the XyloCleaf state of the art production plant. Teamed with Urban Wardrobes knowledge and know how you can have a wardrobe that truly inspires you!

With the creative vision of Urban Wardrobes the customer could finally utilize the dead space in the room and create a separate walk in wardrobe area. Adjustments like this can make a dramatic difference to your bedroom, finally you have adequate space to stow all your clothes, shoes and accessories. The end result is much more organised and when you come to sell your house it can prove to be a valuable asset for prospective homebuyers.

This particular wardrobe arrangement has lots of useful features like a mirror located inside the wardrobe door. This is reassuring if you are a parent that worries about the safety of mirrored wardrobes that children may crash into during boisterous play and shatter dangerously. So rather than having to invest in protective film or avoid having mirrors at all, it makes good sense to have the mirror inside the wardrobe itself.The interior reveals sloping shoe shelves, hanging space and drawers; all the space is used very effectively.

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