Loft room sliding wardrobe

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Project details

Location Battersea, London
Space Loft bedroom
Finish Aluminium profiles, mirrors
Price £4,000+VAT incl. installation

The modern loft room can now have a new look, one that redefines space. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a little more space, more than what the house can offer? If that is a YES, you’d surely need furnishing such as the one shown here.

There is simplicity and grandeur, amalgamated to finesse and touch – innovation and creativity at its best; it helps store the needful and provides ample of room to move around too. Without encroaching on the much needed room and leg space, inhabitants now wouldn’t jostle for area. From books to linen, essentials of study to knick-knacks that just remain strewn around; one can now have the four door sliding wardrobe, attached to the ceiling as an answer to all perils. In uber-trendy yet minimalistic styles, the wardrobe is the quintessential epitome of grace and luxury, yet affordable to have and install. Round the clock intervention by the homemaker isn’t needed here, store your belongings and never look back – the four door wardrobe is a magical haven for the housewife.

With divisions within, shelves can hold bathrobes, bath towels, linens, bedspreads, pillows and pillow cases, stationery and more. A perfect way to save the day – space and area utilised at its best. One doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance and installation, give us a call and the needful would be done. While checking out the wardrobe, don’t forget to look into other quirky items for furnishing and lifestyle needs, on display. And, if there is more help to avail – our customer managers are around to help. Spruce up the loft room, install the wardrobe ceiling with four doors – make the space a new zone to hang out or relax and unwind in. Glorious touches and minimalistic hues at its best – bring in the magic of living fruitfully with the right furnishing choices.

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