Library project from Oak veneer, Roehampton SW15

Library room with 18th century desk in the middle of the room and stained oak veneer shelving units

Project details

Location Roehampton, SW15
Space Library
Finish Wall mounted unit made from stained oak. Adjustable bespoke shelving made from combination of white stained oak and natural lacquered oak.
Price £6000+VAT for two bedrooms incl. installation

Combination of tall units with adjustable shelves and wall mounted unit. The wall hung unit has been produced from stained oak veneer.

If you are an avid reader having a home library is a must. It’s the perfect way to display a large collection of books. Horace Mann said “A house without books is like a room without windows” yes, it’s a good thing to surround yourselves with books! But unless you have proper storage, they can start to look cluttered and messy. In that case investing in a home library might end up being more useful to you than a spare bedroom that is rarely used.

The bespoke shelving is a real feature for the room. It draws the eye and is a much more interesting way to showcase books! It’s good to go a little unconventional and have something unique to go alongside the uniform wall of shelving units. That focal point is a real asset to the room and a more creative solution.

The wall units are functional but stylish. They are adjustable which is essential as books come in all sizes. You don’t want to ruin the visual impact by having to make concessions because your books don’t fit properly. The floor to ceiling units ensure plenty of books can be stored as the collection grows.

The two-tone colour stops the big unit blending in with the light walls. The colour choices are quite calming and muted. It’s a place to retreat and think. Somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle for a few hours. The desk adds character it seems to blend well with the modern shelving. That mix of old and new works. Each have their own style but still they complement each other.

It’s all very sympathetically done, you can feel relaxed in there. It’s very warm and welcoming with plenty of natural light from the window. A space you will want to spend time in, studying, reflecting and working.

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