Mirrored Door penthouse wardrobe, Enfield

Champagne minimalistic profile sliding doors

Project details

Location Enfield, London
Space Penthouse master bedroom
Finish Mirrored and woodgrain panels inside thin aluminium profile
Price £3,200+VAT incl. installation

The heart and soul of the house certainly would be the living room. And, with the festive season knocking on the door, one would have plenty of socialising on the menu. Guests and relatives would drop by, which is why, homemakers now would need more space and quintessential quirky decor to keep up and match on in style and élan.

May we present the answer to every need – the Wood & Mirror sliding doors wardrobe installed in the Living room in Enfield, London area – is what would make the festive season a time when accolades would pour in. Smart thinking is what the team of designers have always been praised for, and the Leather sliding doors wardrobe installed in Living room is testimony to the same.

Rectangle and box like in stature, the piece of furnishing is a box that contains every storage miracle need of the day. From linens to crockery, documents to gadgets, the Leather sliding wardrobe installed in Living room would hide the knick-knacks, from prying eyes and nosey neighbours, or the nagging in-law too.

Simple yet majestic and classy in its own rights, the fitted sliding doors wardrobe installed in Enfield area is an answer to storage needs, yet wouldn’t compromise on the leg room and moveable space around. Installation and maintenance isn’t a big deal with the furnishing piece, a swipe with a cloth is all it needs, and the installation would be done by our team of experts too. One can even treat it as a showcase, just incase you’d like to display the lovely paintings or china ware picked up on your last travels.

While checking out this wonderful built in wardrobe manufactured by Urban Wardrobes, do look at other options for customisation – and we would be happy to help bring to you the same. This festive season, splurge on a little luxury – affordable and trendy.

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