Lacquered fitted wardrobes with fabric inserts

The frame has been sprayed in Mahogany 36 colour from Farrow & Ball. Complimentary cushion from Urban team.

Location Battersea, London
Suitable Bedrooms, Living room, other fitted cupboards
Budget Around £1,400+VAT per linear meter incl. installation excl. fabric cost
Finish Lacquered frame, fabric inserts, laminated carcass

Recent project installed for our customer at Battersea, London. The fabric chosen for the hinged doors has been also used for cushions. Textures are often used in rooms to create visual interest and a sense of warmth and comfort. They help a room seem richer and more inviting. Usually incorporating texture is achieved with the use of rugs, cushions, curtains and wall hangings. However, having fabric panels on your wardrobe is another creative approach you can try. It really does make more of a feature of your wardrobe. By picking out your own fabric you are going to end up with something unique and individual which helps reflect your personality.

Wardrobes are usually all about hard lines so fabric inserts can soften the impact and make a room appear much cosier. Part of the appeal of textures is mixing and layering them. You will want to make sure you have enough contrast. This can be attained with a mixture of smooth and rough texture choices, so you can add more depth to the room. Also, because the wardrobe doors are patterned fabric the client might want to have the contrast of plain fabric bedding.

The white walls and ceiling help lighten the darker combination of the flooring and wardrobe carcass. Lots of natural light floods into the room too which helps keep it bright and airy. The Mahogany 36 colour from Farrow & Ball is very rich and dark with lots of warm tones. The earthy darkness helps create a sophisticated and elegant interior.

Browns are also considered to give a sense of security which works well here. It helps create a bedroom you would want to retreat into and escape the stresses of daily life. Another part of relaxing in your bedroom is keeping it well organised and tidy. These attractive floor to ceiling wardrobes have ample space to store all your belongings. By using the full height of the room we have maximised the number of shelves we can include and the amount of hanging space available.

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