Lacquered veneered oak slide doors wardrobe, SE8

Embossed Veneered doors. German sliding doors system

Project details

Location Greenwich, SE10
Space Second Bedroom.
Finish Woodgrain embossed veneer, fabric italian finish interior
Price £6,800+VAT

The doors of this fully fitted bespoke wardrobe are made from embossed veneered oak panels lacquered on the top. The frameless sliding system allows to avoid using aluminium profiles and the facade looks minimalistic and neat.

The embossed nature of the oak gives it a decorative finish that really transforms the look of the wardrobe. It illustrates just how wide our range of finishes has become, we are continually seeking out new and exciting options for you to pick from, we want to help you every step of the way finding your ideal wardrobe solution.

These particular panels are manufactured in Germany in a skilled process involving a specialist 300 tonne press applying 1,000kg of pressure per M2 to create the remarkable embossing. You would have to reach out and touch the wardrobe to realise it is actually a completely flat surface.

It really does add a whole new dimension to the final design of your wardrobe; it feels like it has a depth and texture that you cannot achieve normally with more conventional panels. The oak panels are also lacquered so they are still easy to keep clean, if your investing money in a high quality wardrobe like this you want it to always look its best and is low maintenance.

Being a sliding system you generally find a wardrobe naturally blends in to the background more without handles to draw your eye, but the choice of panels still help it make a statement in this room. Additionally without a visible frame you really get the full effect of the embossed panels and their distinctive design, it all adds to the superior feel of this installation.

Alongside the aesthetics of the wardrobe it is also very practical, the floor to ceiling height maximises the storage room available and the combination of hanging space, drawers and shelves provide the best use of space to organise your collection of clothes, accessories and shoes most efficiently. Everything is easy to find and organised well that you can really only ever achieve successfully with a custom built option. We all want usable wardrobes that work in our homes and Urban Wardrobes accomplish that every time.

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